5 Incredible Facts About Our French Bulldog Puppies For Sale

September 16, 2019

The French bulldog is a beautiful dog breed with an amazing personality and an irresistible smushy face. Whether you have owned one or not, it is incredibly hard to deny how cute these small pups are. Learn more about our French Bulldog puppies for sale near Miami Florida!

If you are anything like us, then you are already obsessed with these furry balls of cuteness and you'd want to know more cool facts about them. Well, you don't have to look far, here are a few facts about the French bulldog that makes us totally obsessed with them.

They aren't actually French

Surprising right? A lot of people think the French bulldog originated from France when in fact, this dog breed has one of its ancestors to be the English Bulldog and it was originally known as the Boule-Dog Francais. However, the English people felt renaming an English bulldog with a French name would be hilarious. It was, but not to the French.

They Love Kids

If you have a ton of kids in your home, then the French bulldog would definitely make a great addition to your family. They are patient with kids, always eager to play and learn and also totally harmless. What’s more? They are also great companions for single people. It is really an all-round dog breed!

They Don't Need a Ton of Exercise

The French bulldog doesn't need a lot of physical activity to stay in shape. They are not very active and don't require walks every single day. On the other hand, they do make really warm snugglers and will climb into bed with you after a long day.

Just a Little Grooming and You're All Set!

Truth is, a lot of dogs get dirty very quickly and also shed so much hair. However, this is not the case with the French bulldog. Since they are not so active, you won't find them playing in the lawn for most hours of the day which could make them dirty. Also, they only shed hair occasionally so you don't have to spend a ton on grooming costs.

They Don't Bark a Lot

If you love your peace, then the French bulldog is the top choice for you. They only bark to alert their owners or to mark territory and stay relatively quiet throughout the day.

Need a beautiful, quiet and cuddly furry friend? Our French Bulldog puppies for sale near Miami Florida comes highly recommended from locals!