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Short for Miniature Goldendoodle, this breed of dog is a hybrid product of the Poodle breed and the Golden Retriever breed.


 Known as a sensitive, gentle, intelligent, loyal, and affectionate dog, the Mini Goldendoodle is a friendly companion for other dogs and humans too; most especially children. 

The Mini Goldendoodle is a playful and obedient dog; traits that require that the dog be taken through regular exercise and training of about 20 minutes daily. The exercise and training include socializing with people and other dogs, swimming (the breed loves water), strolls/walks, and enrolment in a puppy class.


With an average weight of 50 pounds and an average height of 15 inches, the Mini Goldendoodle breed has a wavy/curly coat of varying colors (which includes red, copper, black, and gray). The coat doesn’t shed much; hence the owner doesn’t need to worry about dander that causes allergic reactions and other lung reactions.

Also, the fact that the Mini Goldendoodle doesn’t shed much, helps the owner to mitigate cleaning and removal of hair all over the home.

This breed still requires regular grooming; such as nails trimming, coat clipping, coat brushing, teeth brushing, ears cleaning, and bathing. While you groom your Mini Goldendoodle, be on the lookout for sore and infections in the mouth, ears, nose, feet, and eyes.


This breed of dog doesn’t need to be fed in large quantities; it should be fed in small portions of high-quality dry dog food twice or thrice a day.


The average lifespan of the Mini Goldendoodle is 10 years, which means the Mini Goldendoodle is a healthy breed that can live as long as 10 years and above; if it is not plagued with any of the following health issues; Cancer, Von Willebrand’s disease, Patellar Luxation, Hip Dysplasia, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy amidst other health issues that are attributed to both parents.

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Known as a very rare breed of dog, the French Bulldog wasn’t originally a French breed as its name says. This breed was originally an English breed created in Nottingham, England; and it was largely owned by lace workers.

The history of this Mini Bulldog breed moved to French during the Industrial Revolution, when many of the lace workers relocated to France with their dogs. it was in France that the breed got its popularity and fame with the high and mighty in the society.


Known as a great lover of all because they get along well with other animals and humans; the French Bulldog is very alert and would bark when it notices odd figures and movements in the home; traits that make it a good watchdog.

Although, this dog is adorable, attentive, playful, easy to groom, and adaptable; it can also be very stubborn and destructive with toys. Hence, you need to proceed training your French Bulldog from the get-go. 

Training this breed includes daily exercises, short walks, puppy classes, and other games that teach obedience.


With an average weight of 16 pounds and an average height of 11 inches, this breed features a patterned, specked, short, shiny, and smooth flat coat that comes in varying colors.

The French Bulldog doesn’t shed much; hence it requires minimal brushing. Despite the low shedding, this breed requires regular nails trimming, coat oiling, monthly bathing, ears cleaning, and regular checks for infections and discharge.

The French Bulldog has the tendencies to snore and drool; you need to be aware of this beforehand so you can find a solution to mitigate this.


The French Bulldog requires two bowls of high-quality dry dog food daily; each bowl for morning and night.


The average French Bulldog can live as long as 14 years, but their lifespan can be cut short by diseases and infections.

And this is why the owner should make sure they take good care of their dog to avoid the following health issues; Brachycephalic Syndrome, Hemivertebrae, and Intervertebral Disc Disease.

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Also known as the Groodle or Goldendoodle, this new breed of dog is a crossbreed between the Poodle and the Golden Retriever; and their history can be traced to the 90s in America.


Quite athletic, playful, obedient, intelligent, sociable, friendly, affectionate, and easily trainable; the Goldendoodle breed makes the best pets, guide dogs, and therapy dogs; meaning they are dogs that love to spend quality time with people and other animals too.

Training this breed is an easy task; and it requires games (playing fetch), long walks, swimming, running, and hiking.


With an average weight of 30 pounds and an average height of 13 inches; this breed features three different types of coat; curly, straight, and wavy which comes in different beautiful colors such as black, gray, cream, or orange.

Based on the differences in coats, no two Goldendoodles’ coat can be groomed the same way; hence the owners should consult a veterinary doctor for the proper grooming tips for their Goldendoodle.

But generally, the Goldendoodle needs to be bathed and moisturized monthly, nails trimmed, and routine checks for sores and infections.


This breed thrives on vegetables and higher- quality dry dog food that is high in fats and protein.


An average Goldendoodle lives for as long as 15 years, but it is susceptible to health issues such as Gastric Dilation and Volvulus, Conjunctivitis, and skin allergies.

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Yorkie breed’s history can be traced to the Industrial Revolution period; when Scottish workers moved to Yorkshire as workers in England’s factories, mills, and mines.

 These Scottish workers came with some types of Terrier (Paisley or Clydesdale), which later crossbred with other types of Terriers in Yorkshire (Skye, Tan Toy or English), and produced the Yorkshire Terrier.


Talk of elegance, delicacy, smartness, feistiness, alertness, adaptability, bravery, sensitivity, and playfulness; you have the Yorkie breed.

And these are attributes that gave it the tag “big dog in a little dog’s body”, and also made it one of the most loved breeds of dogs.

In spite of all those qualities mentioned; the Yorkie can also be very mischievous and stubborn; hence the owner needs to be stern while training this breed.

Training the Yorkie requires mental and physical exercises such as walks, chasing games, and other exercises that would keep it agile and obedient.

Mind you, Yorkies are prone to catching a cold; which means you should not expose them to damp and chilly areas.


Featuring a long, straight, and silky coat that doesn’t shed; grooming a Yorkie requires daily brushing to prevents mats and tangles in the coat.

Also, Yorkies tend to have lots of dental issues; therefore, the owners need to brush their teeth regularly; and also take it to the vet for professional dental cleaning and check-ups regularly.

Nails trimming, weekly bathing, anal hair trimming, and bodily checkups for sore and infections are required for the Yorkie too.


The Yorkie tends to add weight easily; therefore, you should feed your Yorkie very minimally. You can divide half a cup of dry dog food into two meals, and feed it one meal in the morning and the other one in the night.


15 years is the longest a Yorkie can live; but it is susceptible to health issues such as Portosystemic Shunt, Hypoglycemia, and Collapsed trachea

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The Miniature Pinscher is a one of a kind breed that is more than the total of its parts, most likely coming about because of crosses between a little, Short-haired Terrier, Dachshund, and Italian Greyhound. Concerning their terrier legacy, they can be crude with different dogs and appreciate an opportunity to play a vermin tracker.

Pinschers can be so engaged with their own issues that they disregard your directions. And as such, they can use up their energy being indoors. Some would even call them obstinate. They cannot be let off the lead securely.

The Miniature Pinscher is basically a very balanced, extreme, decreased, short-coupled, smooth-shrouded dog. He is often all prepared, happy, enthusiastic and alert. His traits are his strong development, complete sound judgment, likewise, his vivacious proximity.

Usually referred to as “Min Pin”, the Miniature Pinscher is thin and effortless, yet solid, the smaller than normal pinscher is basically a square breed. Its most particular highlights are its high venturing, hackney walk, found in no other breed, and its unparalleled activity.

The Min Pin is one of the taller pet dogs, extending from 10 to 12 1/2 inches. The weight is around 8 to 10 pounds. The tail is normally docked and the ears can be altered or uncropped.

They are very good as companions because they were formerly raised as show dogs.

Bichon Frise


Bichons were formerly bred for circus performances and shows. As a result, they can easily adapt to any environment and they are easy to be trained.

Bichons are small-sized and very active which is the reason they are suitable for living in apartments and condos. They usually weigh from 7 to 12 pounds and are no taller than 12 inches.

Their puffy coat, which comprises of a luxurious, wavy external cover and delicate undercoat makes them resemble poodles. The plumed tail is curled at the back. Their heads are proportional to their bodies, and drop ears with an articulated and dark-colored nose. Their ever alert eyes are calm, rounded and dark.

Bichons can live for 12 to 15 years and they require extreme attention and needs. They do not often bark. However, they can snap when playing with children. They need to be taken out for exercises within 20 to 40 minutes every day. They are often happy and affectionate with calm dispositions and this is why they are sometimes called companion dogs.

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This toy dog with a Tibet origin makes perfect companion and watchdog. Their immigration to England in 1930 was what gave them global recognition. The Shih Tzu are well respected as holy dog loved by Budha and are widely thought of as incarnates of household gods.  

Judging by their looks, they are adorable beasts. Their head is broad with thick bushy beards and mustaches. Other features that distinguish them in a legion of dogs are their long hair, short and square muzzle, bulging round eyes with human-like attributes, large pendent ears covered with hairs, and the conspicuous white marking on their forehead.

Shih Tzu is endearing but will require firm but gentle training because of their occasional stubborn nature. With good socialization, they can yield well and express their adorable nature. As companion dogs, they are good with kids and other pets. Aside from a few health issues like cleft palate, poorly developed kidney, and breathing problems, they are generally healthy.

The small lions, as they are fondly called, are also hypoallergenic with minimal shedding. They need intense grooming, and daily brushing so as to prevent tangles and mats. Intending owners should also keep in mind that they are not suited for humid climates.

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The beagle is a hound with characteristic long soft ears and short legs. This breed has its origin traced to ancient times (about 2000 years ago) before the modern Beagle breed came around the later part of the 1800s. They are well adapted for hunting rabbits, hares, and other games due to their highly developed sense of smell and sharp instincts. Although they can spot a wide array of colors, the tricolored (black, brown, and white) variants with brown eyes are very common.

This medium-sized hunting hound is easy going, radical and affectionate. If socialized properly, it can blend well with children and other animals. As is typical among most hounds, the Beagle also makes the unique ‘baying’ sounding. They require a daily walk or run to keep them fit. On shedding, their short coats only shed lightly and owners should check their pendulous ears regularly for infection, dirt or debris.

Today, the beagle is popularly known in the US for is intriguing hunting skills and great personality. However, they can easily follow the trail of a new scent hence owners are always advised to put them on a leash when outdoors. As amiable and social as they might be, they shouldn’t be trusted with smaller pets.

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The Boston Terrier is a small, solid little dog with a wide head. The gag is short, corresponding with the head and the nose is dark. The body is short with a square-like appearance. In the mouth, the nibble is either even or might be undershot. The breed has a declaration of assurance and energy. They have enormous, round wide-set eyes. Their erect ears are little and are either edited or left characteristic. The tail is set low on the body and can be straight or at times screwed-molded. A little and stocky pooch, they have a short and smooth coat, which can come in high contrast, seal and white or mottle and white. Solid legs are separate wide. The chest is wide and their neck has a slight curve weighing around 10 to 25 lbs

Boston Terriers have a ton of vitality and appreciate fun exercises, for example, bring, running, strolling every day, getting plates, and readiness preparing. If you don’t mind remember that the breed doesn’t endure the heat or amazingly chilly climate. A neckline around their neck may cause damage. On account of their short gags, they grunt, slobber and wheeze noisily. A versatile pooch, they can without much of a stretch live cheerfully in a condo or a house. They appreciate being any place their proprietor is and can do well in a loft situation given that they are strolled every day. They are generally a delicate breed with a benevolent and glad character. They are smart and simple to prepare.

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The Maltese is a little, solid dog with luxurious hair. The body is reduced, fine-boned, yet strong and marginally longer than it is tall with a level topline. The chest is profound. The skull is somewhat adjusted on the top with a moderate stop. The medium-length gag decreases, however not to a point. The pendant, low-set ears are set near the head and vigorously feathered. The bruised eyes are huge, round and set modestly separated with dim edges. The nose is dark with open nostrils. The canine has a luxurious, single layer coat that is white or light ivory. At the point when kept long and prepared like a show hound, it hangs level, long over the sides of the body nearly to the ground (about 8½ inches (22 cm)), holding tight each side of an inside part line and is not wavy or unusual.  The Maltese weigh around 3kg to 4 kg.

The Maltese appear delicate, cherishing, trusting and dedicated to its owner. It is great at learning stunts. The Maltese are striking and snappy to suspicion in any be any situation of suspicious clamors. It is a great partner hound: elegant and adorable. It does well with other non-canine creatures and different mutts. Maltese loves to play outside.

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Just like their name suggests, Cavalier King Charles is a stylish breed that’s popular among high-class people. They were quite popular in Europe during the 15th and 16th even up to the 19th century. They are – to a reasonable extent – family dogs because of how friendly they are to children. Thanks to their attractive look, size, and trainability, individuals tend to prefer them to much bigger dogs. Cavaliers are extremely active and fun to have around. 

Facts About Cavalier King Charles

  • Cavalier King Charles are natural chasers. They chase anything interesting to them which makes it necessary to always put a leash on them.
  • Cavalier King Charles weighs at least 13 pounds and if they grow well, they can reach 18 pounds. 
  • Cavalier King Charles loves kids and can be the joy in any household. Although they need to be watched closely because they can get hurt quite easily due to their size.
  • Cavalier King Charles can adapt to most environmental situations (cold or hot weather). Their adaptive nature can be boosted if they’re with people they trust.
  • Cavalier King Charles despite their size are protective and intelligent plus they tend to bark a lot. 

Cavalier Kings Charles is an interesting and attractive dog that is easy to groom and will fit well into any lifestyle.

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German Shepherds are one of the most preferred dog breeds for both families and security agencies. This dog breed is from Germany and its initial purpose was to work for security agencies in Germany. We can owe this to the fact that German Shepherds have a very protective nature, smart, loyal, and very easy to train. German Shepherds are also known for their good looks and muscular build. 

6 Facts About German Shepherds

  • German Shepherds weigh from 75 Ibs to 95 Ibs and their height is 25 inches and 23 inches for males and females respectively. 
  • German Shepherds are very friendly to those they know. They’re not accommodating to strangers and they are highly protective. 
  • German Shepherds need to exercise as much as possible. Lack of exercise and activities make them nervous and quite aggressive. 
  • German Shepherds were introduced to the United States after the First World War from Germany. 
  • German Shepherds are used in the military; they are used as rescue dogs and other important purposes. 
  • German Shepherds are attentive, they don’t require excessive grooming and they’re not known for snoring and drooling.

A major reason lots of people love German Shepherds is that they are friendly towards children and protective which makes them perfect for a family setting.

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Schnauzers are in three breeds; the standard, miniature, and giant breeds initially from Germany. Used formerly in hunting down rodents, the Schnauzer is currently the pet dog that serves as a companion and reduces stress for the owners. Schnauzers can live up to 12 to 14 years while depending on 20 to 40 minutes of exercise daily.

They are both solid and energetic, with a fast incredible gait. Their jacket is thick, with a delicate coat. Their trademark stubbles, beards, and eyebrows add to their frequently alert, vivacious articulation.

The dog has a rectangular-shaped head with hairy eyebrows, walrus-like beards, and an extravagant facial hair. Oftentimes the ears are often altered to remain straight, they tend to fold forward if they are uncropped.

The Miniature breed often resembles the standard Schnauzers but with differences in body sizes. The miniature male Schnauzer is 12 to 14 inches in height and weighs 5 to 8 kilograms while the female Schnauzers are usually 11 to 13 inches tall while weighing 5 to 7 kilograms.

The standard and the giant Schnauzers function as police dogs, guards while the miniature simply does well indoors and as a pet for the owners.

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Dobermans Pinschers are solid, quick, and ground-breaking dogs with remaining between 24 to 28 creeps at the shoulder. The body is smooth however generous and is secured with a shimmering layer.

They relate more to people if they are groomed very well. Dobermans are loyal to their owners and they are very tolerant and playful with children if they are raised with them. Some Dobermans often get attached only to one person.

The life span of a Doberman is usually around 10 to 12 years. However, they require 40 minutes of exercise every day and when they do not get to be exercised as required, they become restless. There is really no need for special security training in the case of a Doberman hence their attitude becomes unbearable.

The Doberman is very huge in size. Despite the fact that the breed benchmarks differ among pet hotel and breed clubs, the dog normally remains between 66 to 72 cm, 69 being perfect, the female is ordinarily somewhere close to 61 to 68 cm. 

Even though formerly reared and still utilized worldwide as gatekeeper dogs, Doberman pinschers likewise have been used by the police and military, and also as treatment and security dogs.