Discover More About Our Adorably Cute Morkie Puppies For Sale

August 21, 2019

The Morkie is a breed of dogs gotten from a purebred Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, also purebred. This mixture blends naturally and they are more of an exotic yet beautiful breed. If you want to lose yourself to this puppy's cuteness, you can find Morkie puppies for sale near Miami Florida today.

Morkie puppies should really come with warning signs because one look at their beady eyes and miniature paws and you're hooked. Sadly, there's no rehab for Morkie lovers and you may just have to go through this on your own. Morkie puppies are super playful and love running around with their precious little legs, and while we're putting together a little interesting expose about Morkie puppies, this is definitely not for the feeble-hearted. Keep reading if you can handle it.

Illegal level cute

Morkie puppies are so cute and endearing that they can basically hypnotize their owners to give them all the dog biscuits in the world just by a soft bark. This breed definitely has the element of surprise because you're not sure what you're getting. Your Morkie puppy could lean towards its Maltese heritage or towards its soft Terrier lineage. With respect to size, an average Morkie usually measures 6-8 inches and weighs 4-8 pounds but if you're in luck you could be getting the teacup Morkie which stays small forever! Either way, they'll be undyingly cute.

Candy looking fur

The Morkie's coat, due to its genetic components usually lean towards the soft and long side. A lot of Morkie owners love putting their puppy's fur in a ponytail which is very adorable yet practical. Their fur could be black, chocolate looking, tan, or white and you never know which one you're going to get. With little powers come smaller responsibilities and grooming isn't as tasking with Morkies. All you need to do is comb or brush through that coat of fur several times a week, shampoo and condition monthly, trim accordingly and you're good to go.

Active nature

Morkies are really playful breeds. They love running, barking and just being active. If you want a dog you or the kids can always play with, this breed is perfect. Asides its crossbred nature, lots of parents agree the Morkie is somewhat a happy-go-lucky breed. Training Morkies may be hard because of its Terrier half side, however, they are indeed trainable especially with dog treats. However, given its miniature size, it is definitely not a workout dog as it can only handle a few short strides and isn't meant for the long haul.

If you want an active dog with amazing fur, then contact us today to meet our Morkie puppies for sale near Miami Florida are for you!