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Dalmatian puppy
adopted in Miami
born 6/27/2022, White & Black

Beautiful White & Black Female Dalmatian puppy for sale in Miami, ID 04139615
Already Adopted
Birth Date:
White & Black

Learn More about Dalmatian Puppies for Sale

The only spotted breed, the Dalmatian is alert and active, possessing great endurance, speed and intelligence. Their working and sporting heritage makes them suitable as both a family pet or performance animal, and they are often found in the show, obedience and agility rings, or galloping alongside a horse as a coach dog in "road trials." Their short coat is white with black or liver (brown) spots.

History of Dalmatian's Puppies for Sale

Spotted dogs have appeared throughout history in Europe, Asia, and Africa, credited with a dozen nationalities and as many native names. The dog we know today as the Dalmatian has been a dog of war, a draft dog, shepherd, ratter, fire-apparatus follower, firehouse mascot, bird dog, trail hound and retriever. Most importantly, he is the original and only coaching dog. His affinity for horses remains a basic instinct to this day and the breed is a natural follower and guardian of the horse-drawn vehicle.

Dalmatian Puppies for Sale Temperment

The fun-loving, people-oriented Dalmatian thrives in a family environment.The breed's short coat sheds almost year round, but regular brushing helps minimize the shedding. The Dalmatian is great with kids, but needs a little work with other dogs. It's best to introduce the Dalmatian as a puppy to new environments.

Where will the Dalmatian Dog to buy feel best?

Apartment? Not so much.
High activity indoors.

Grooming an Dalmatian Dog for sale

Frequent brushing.
Infrequent bathing.
Seasonal and year round shedding.

Exercising an Dalmatian Dog to Buy

Moderate to vigorous daily exercise.

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