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boston terrier

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier breed of dogs is one of the most cherished dogs in America today. Now, the reasons for this are not far-fetched, and it’s not impossible that you also may soon start considering owning one. Firstly, know that they are the social type of dogs, always willing to get along with the people they know. Usually, Boston Terriers wouldn’t make trouble, except they have to do it in order to protect their owners or those kids they’ve become fond of. These dogs are particularly noted for their relatively high intelligence and unwavering loyalty. Contact us today to learn more about our Boston Terrier puppies for sale near Aventura Florida.

Many people say that they prefer a Boston terrier to many other dog breeds, because they are quite easy to teach, and they tend to grab instructions in no time. With proper diets and regular health checks, these dogs have a lifespan that can reach as much as 15-20 years.  Now, if you want an active dog that behaves better than to just bark all the time, then a Boston terrier may be the right dog for you.

Note: They have a solid and smart body shape that makes them look like they were suited up in a tuxedo. This trait is the basic reason why they’re also widely referred to as the American gentlemen.



The Maltese dog breed is so-called because it is believed to have originated from the great Malta Islands. Asides their interestingly white furry peculiar looks, these dogs have remarkable qualities that endear them to furry pet lovers. Now, if you’re getting a Maltese dog for your home, then you must be ready and able to give it the attention and affection that it needs. This is because although these dogs adapt quickly to a new environment, they particularly hate been left alone for too long.

They love to play, and can even do a lot to brighten your own mood. You’ll never have a dull moment in the house, as Maltese are very active and energetic dogs. Note, however, that they would usually bark or react to strangers or ill behaviors, so don’t be deceived by their seemingly calm looks. Asides that, they would also tend to want to show a little bit of territorial or dominant behavior.

These notwithstanding, they are very receptive to training and would behave in the nicest manner if you start training them early.

Note: Maltese don’t know they are quite small in size, and could even try to confront bigger animals. They are very bold and fearless dogs.

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german shepherd

German Shepherd

These German originated dogs are unarguably one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. German shepherds were initially widely referred to as Alsatian dogs, although the name is not so common now. They are agile and strong dogs, with an ability to withstand relatively tougher conditions that other dogs may not. Also, their high-level alertness and fierceness make them a top choice for security purposes.

Notable qualities of these dogs include their exceptional listening abilities, great energy levels, and smartness. For instance, a German shepherd can detect the faintest sounds or activity, even from a pretty far distance. This is obviously the main reason why law enforcement agencies particularly use them for their detective patrols and crime investigations. Hence, if you’re looking for a dog with such great intelligence and ability to execute tasks after only a few training, then you may also consider German Shepherds in your list of options.

Asides their usefulness as a detective and/or security dogs note that German shepherds can also be your perfect home pet. This is true, considering their calm disposition and ability to recognize the owner’s mood.

Note: German Shepherds don’t have a uniform size, as you may find that some adult German shepherds are just medium-sized, while others are bigger. Irrespective of the size, however, they have very similar abilities and behaviors.

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cavalier king charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog breed is truly an important one, and it’s not just by the name alone. They are one of the most outgoing dogs, and they would play with everything that can be played with. From playing with children to adults, and even bigger dogs that are not their size, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel doesn’t seem to have a problem. They are a good furry pet to grace your home, and you’ll likely love to watch them run around the yard.

Considering their active, ever playful nature, these dogs make an excellent companion everywhere you go. However, this also means that they would probably not do well if you abandon them for several hours. In fact, leaving the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel all to itself for too long might just make it resort to unwanted behaviors like excessive barking and destructive chewing.

If you’ll need a dog for your hunting expedition, however, then know that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel would most likely joyfully go with you. Naturally, they love to chase after animate and inanimate things, as a way of play. Hence, they can be trained to hunt rabbits, squirrels, and other small animals.

Note: You might need to brush and clean their furs from time to time, as they may get really dirty when they play. You’ll see how appreciative they can be when you do this.

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shih tzu

Shih Tzu

According to popular stories, Shih Tzu dogs originated a long time ago, from ancient Tibet in China. They are believed to have come from a crossbreed between two important sino-Tibetian dog breeds. They have however continued to remain in top demand by animal toy lovers, who particularly love their charming personality and companionship.

Basically, Shih Tzu requires less space in the house, although you might need to do relatively more in grooming their coats. They are very affectionate pets, and would sometimes show sympathy towards their owners. Just like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, this dog also loves to spend some time playing. However, they tend to show possessive behaviors when other dogs are around, and this may lead them to become temperamental.

Now, if you’re going to buy and train a Shih Tzu fog, then you must be ready to do quite a lot. These dogs don’t naturally adhere to training, and they are particularly stubborn. However, their intelligence is remarkable, and they are also particularly alert as well.

Note: Some diseases are quite common in the Shih Tzu breed. However, they can live for as long as fourteen years, if their owners attend promptly to their health needs and provide them with the right nutrition.

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If you need a dog that can catch a scent and locate where it’s coming from, then the Beagle could do just that. These dogs have a great sense of smell, and this is one characteristic that has made them very useful. Note that the modern-day beagle was derived from cross-breeding activities involving several top breeds. This probably explains why the dog has such exceptional qualities that are found in only a few other breeds.

Usually, Beagles are medium-sized dogs, but a well-fed beagle particularly has a strong body. They are one of those dogs that can serve multiple purposes for the owner. Hence, while they can be the most alert security agents on duty, they could also be your most lovable pet.

Beagles are an excellent companion for your hunting trips, and you’ll be surprised as to how much they can help. They’ll let you know where the rabbit holes are, and where the big antelope is hiding. However, you have to keep them close to yourself, otherwise, they may wander far away and get lost.

Note: When it comes to behavior, Beagles can be obedient at times, and quite mischievous at other times. Their behavioral tendencies are largely dependent on how you handle them, as well as how you’ve trained them.

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miniature pinscher

Miniature Pinscher

Although they originate from Germany, Miniature Pinschers are a relatively common dog breed that can now be found almost everywhere. Due to their high alertness and swiftness, they are considered one of the best dogs for hunting. They may also be employed for patrol purposes and other minor security functions. These dogs would usually stand their ground, and bark or attack until the intruder backs off.

On another hand, they are also very good companions. In fact, they are noted for getting along well with people, and they may even be left as a guard for kids. Now, these dogs may require some training before they know how to behave, but once they know what to do, Miniature Pinschers are significantly obedient dogs.

Unlike the extremely furry dog breeds that require constant grooming, Miniature Pinschers require very little grooming- considering their low fur coat. They may also come in different colors like chocolate brown, fawn stag red, blue, etcetera. They like to run and chase, hence they would love it if you have a small yard at least.

Note: Miniature Pinschers look almost exactly like a few other dogs, especially the mini Doberman. It is believed that they both most likely came from the older German Pinscher breed.

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bichon frise

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is an exciting, little white powder puff dog. It is a lap-sized dog and has secured a place in the heart of many dog lovers – the Bichon Frise is said to have originated from Spanish, being a descendant of the barbet water spaniel and poodle, it was first traded by Spanish sailors Until it finally became the favorite dog of the 116th-centuryFrench royal courts. Then in the 19th century, it became a circus dog. The Bichon Frise is an intelligent and independent dog, very cheerful and is a great companion, they are also very loyal to their owners. The Bichons are very playful, but they still need to be exercised daily, like taking your bichon for a walk. They live for about fifteen years and they are short dogs. Because of their hairy nature, they need to be well-groomed. Bath them at least once or twice monthly, trim around their eyes and ears area often, trim their nails, clean their eyes and clean their mouth often. 

The Bichon Frise is prone to some health issues like cataracts, watery eyes, knee problems, etc that is why grooming them frequently is very important. If you are ready to get a Bichon Frise, make sure you have enough space in your apartment where they can run around and never leave them alone because when they are bored, they can become destructive. 

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The schnauzer dog breed comes in three different those which are the mini, standard, and giant schnauzer. They come in different sizes but share similar traits. The Schnauzer was initially bred in Germany and was used as a pastoral and farm dog. But in recent times, they are used as rescue dogs and sniffer. Schnauzer is intelligent, sociable, alert, smart, and reliable dogs. They are very protective of their owners and also very loyal, they are very good with other dogs and children and could pass as guard dogs. Due to their active nature, they need lots of exercises, and if you want to enjoy your schnauzer when they are older, it is best to properly train them from little, and because they love to please their owners, they will stick to whatever training you give to them, and they are willing to learn. Grooming the Schnauzer breed might be a little bit tough because they need to be trimmed and brushed often. The Schnauzer is a double-coated fur dog and to keep them healthy, their fur needs to be brushed and trim regularly, also their nails to be trimmed as often as they grow. They have a long lifespan as they can live for as long as 15 years. 

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doberman pinscher

Doberman Pinscher 

Thinking of getting a guard dog that will remain loyal and very protective of its owners, then the Doberman pinscher is best for you. It is a smart, intelligent and very protective dog that is not only protective of its family but also can detect danger or threat to its family. It is a friendly dog that originated from Germany by Louis Doberman who was a tax collector. The Doberman Pinscher tends to snore, drool, and bark low, it has short coats and sheds average. But to prevent it from shedding often, you need to brush it’s coat often. The Doberman is a very active dog, hence, it needs to be exercised often and exercises like walking or running is great for them. If they don’t get enough exercise, they tend to be destructive which isn’t good. To get the best out of your Doberman, you need to properly train them so they don’t grow up becoming aggressive. It is very obedient and eager to please its owners, so it is sure to behave exactly how you want it to. They are very good with children, but not too good with strangers especially if the stranger is seen as a threat to their family. They need no special training because they are originally guarding dogs. 

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Mini Goldendoodle 

Looking for a family-friendly designer dog, then the mini Goldendoodle will be perfect for you. The crossbreed dog that was produced by crossing the golden retriever and the poodle together is a friendly, intelligent, smart, and a smaller version of the hybrid Goldendoodle. The mini Goldendoodle has become a very popular dog over time due to its affectionate, calm, and gentle nature. It is very friendly and sociable, obedient and pleases it, owners. The breed is very homely and loves to play, but if you want it to grow up being very sociable, then you need to train it from a very young age. Let it get used to different faces so that as it grows, it will be friendly and not shy away. The mini Goldendoodle has a curly coat and it is considered a light shedder but needs to be brushed and trimmed once or twice a week, it doesn’t need a regular bath so it doesn’t lose its oil. Brush its teeth twice or thrice a week to remove any build-up of bacteria, trim its nails monthly and check the ears of your mini Goldendoodle weekly in case of any infection and clean it with a soft cloth to keep it neat and free from infections. 

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French Bulldog 

The French Bulldog was created as a mini bulldog in England. It later became popular amongst the lace workers who brought it to France. There in France it became loved by many and was nicknamed Frenchie. It is twelve inches tall and weighs around 16 to 28 pounds for both males and females. They are smart, loving, and friendly dogs. They love to be around people and are willing to learn if well trained. The French Bulldog is prone to some health condition; hence, it needs to be well taken care of. The French Bulldog does not need lots of exercise because of their low energy level, but to shed some weight, you need to ensure they exercise a little. A little walk in the morning is will do because they don’t need to walk under hot weather. 

The French Bulldog can be a little difficult to train because they are very stubborn but with a little push, and various training tactics, they will surely learn. It has a short and shiny coat with wrinkled but soft skin. They are easy to groom and shed averagely, you only need to brush it regularly to take off any excess fur. Make sure to check its skin, ears, eyes, and teeth for any odor that might be a sign of infection, clean its ears with a damp cloth, trim its nails regularly, bath it at least once in a month and dry properly to prevent bacteria in the skin. 

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Known as the designer dog, it is a crossbreed dog that was created by crossing the golden retriever and the poodle breed dog. The Goldendoodle comes in three different sizes which are the mini, medium, and standard Goldendoodle. Although they all come from the same dog breed, their traits are a little different and it depends on their parent’s traits. They all have good health, they are smart, intelligent, and quick to learn which makes training them quite easy. They are not guard dogs because they are friendly to all and don’t bark much. It’s a little tough to groom them because they have a curly coat and shed averagely, but you need to brush and clip their fur frequently. Check and clean their ears often to prevent ear infection especially after bathing them or if they swim. Trim their nails often and brush their teeth weekly to prevent bacteria from building up. They require a little exercise to keep them active. They are great with children, but you need to be very watchful when they are around babies. Teach your Goldendoodle to socialize from the moment you bring him home so as it grows it doesn’t become aggressive or shy, shy is very friendly if well trained and are homely, never leave them alone for too long because boredom makes them do silly things. 

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yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier 

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog with a great personality and it is fondly called Yorkie. They have become very popular worldwide and are graded under the toy categories of dogs even if they have the trait of terrier in them. Said to have originated from England and created from breeding the waterside terrier and other breeds of terrier. They were used by weavers as working dogs to control rodents but in recent times, though the breed is small, it can be used as a guard dog. 

They are great companions and love to be cuddled and pampered. The Yorkies are very stubborn and need to be trained early enough so they can socialize well and not be aggressive especially to visitors. A Yorkie shouldn’t be left alone around kids because they are easily provoked, they are fearless, and should not be left alone in an apartment for too long so it doesn’t get destructive. Yorkies have silky long hair that keeps growing and needs to be brushed regularly. You can as well trim their fur a little so they don’t look unkempt and never fail to brush their teeth regularly to avoid bacteria build-up. A little walk daily to help them exercise will be perfect for your Yorkie and sometimes take them to an open space to play as much as they want.

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