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Frequently Asked Questions – Boston Terrier

What is the estimated Boston Terrier life span? 

Answer: Boston terriers usually have a life expectancy ranging from 11 to 13 years. However, some do live longer by a year or two.  Contact us today to learn more about our Boston Terrier puppies for sale near Boca Raton Florida!

Is Boston Terrier easy to train? 

Answer: Boston terriers are relatively easy to train. They can be said to be a tad stubborn but are also usually very eager to please their owners. So, with a lot of practice, treats and reinforcement, they will learn anything you want to teach them.  

How often does Boston Terrier shed? 

This breed of dogs has a very fine coat of fur that rarely sheds. With regular brushing, they really may not shed at all. So, with Boston terriers, you won’t have a lot of hair at random spots in your home.  

Do Boston Terrier relate well with kids? 

Yes! Boston terriers are usually very good with kids they are accustomed to. They also relate really well with kids of various ages.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Maltese

Are Maltese friendly with kids? 

Answer: Maltese are usually very playful and are the perfect companion for your kids. It is, however, crucial that you train and accustom them with your kids, especially the younger ones as Maltese can be quite intolerant to the quirks of younger children.  

Do Maltese relate well with cats? 

Answer: The answer is a big yes! Maltese are one of the most friendly dog breeds. They relate very well with cats and even other dogs you might have.   

What is the best diet for Maltese? 

Answer: For optimal health and performance, Maltese should always be placed on a diet made of only natural ingredients of very high quality. These meals are rid of foods that might trigger stomach sensitivities or even allergies and are usually very rich in protein which they need.  

Why are Maltese always digging through my stuff? 

Answer: Fun fact: the Maltese are nesters! This means they totally love to nest and hide in beddings or couches. You might find your missing car keys inside your couch or under your sheets. There are nesting blankets specially made for these kinds of dogs and they can easily be found in any dog store near you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions – German Shepherd

Are German Shepherd usually aggressive?

Answer: German shepherds are not necessarily aggressive when they are not threatened. Their temperament largely depends on the kind of training they have been given and also the conditions they are usually exposed to. They are also really good with kids but ensure they are not left unsupervised when playing with your young ones.

Is German Shepherd easy to train?

Answer: They totally love following instructions and pleasing their owners. This makes german shepherds extremely easy to train. They can also be overachievers and will try their best to do exactly what you tell them.

How often should German Shepherd be fed?

Answer: German shepherds should be fed daily in the morning and evenings and given as much as they can eat. However, it is advised that you watch their food intake to ensure they don’t get overweight or underweight. It is important that german shepherds remain healthy in weight as this will affect their temperament.

How often do German Shepherd shed?

Answer: all the time! German shepherds are known to shed all year round so if you want to get this dog breed you should also get a vacuum cleaner.

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FAQ – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

What diet is best for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

Answer: Cavalier’s are usually prone to food allergies and skin problems. This is why the quality of their meals is very important if they are to be healthy. Fresh food is highly recommended for cavaliers but if this is too expensive for you, then you can try kibble or dry food as a good alternative.

Are Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Loud Barkers?

Answer: They have a very calm temperament and usually do not bark except when they are provoked. This means that they are always very aware of their surroundings and usually bark to alert the owner of some strange activities around the home.

What is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel life span?

Answer: The lifespan of cavaliers usually ranges from 10 to 16 years when they are well catered for. It is important that you watch what they eat and ensure they are not overweight as this can put a bit of a strain on their heart and other internal organs which can be lethal for dogs their size.

Can Cavalier King Charles Spaniel be left alone?

Answer: Cavaliers crave human company. This means they shouldn’t be left alone for a long period of time as it affects their moods and could make them withdrawn and depressed. This breed is most suited for people who spend a lot of time at home as they are known to also suffer from separation anxiety and being left alone for a stretch of time is a known trigger.

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Frequently Asked Question – Shih Tzu

Is Shih Tzu hard to train? 

Answer: Relatively yes. It can take about eight months or more to completely house train a Shih Tzu and even after this period, there might still be some mishaps. For best results, start potty training immediately you get them as puppies and be ready to clean up after them a lot.  

Are Shih Tzu smart dogs? 

Answer: They are quite smart and eager to learn anything you want them to. However, they can also pick up a lot of bad habits along the line so it is important that you send clear, reinforced messages often so they don’t get confused.  

What is Shih Tzu temperament? 

Answer: The Shih Tzu is very clingy and wants to be with their companions all the time. They crave attention and can’t stand to be away from their owners for long periods.  

How often should Shih Tzu be fed? 

Answer: Since they have small stomachs, they can’t eat large portions at a sitting. This means they have to be fed frequently throughout the day. Look out for great quality food specifically made for puppies and avoid meals infused with fillers like soy as this could lead to allergies.  

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Frequently Asked Question – Beagle

Does Beagle really bark a lot? 

Answer: beagles are very expressive and tend to bark a lot! Way more than other dogs bark. They bark for various reasons; could be hunger, fatigue or just to get the attention of their owners.  

Can Beagle be trained? 

Answer: their large appetite comes in handy during training. For the right motivation, beagles, like other dog breeds will do just about anything. This makes them easy to train. However, patience and reinforcement are needed to keep them focused.  

How strong is Beagle smell? 

Answer: Like other dog breeds, beagles have a certain smell. However, this scent is a lot stronger in beagles due to the fact that prior to domestication, they used their smell as a way to spot other beagles when hunting in packs.  

What diet is best for Beagle? 

Answer: Beagles are sort of low maintenance. This is because they can eat anything you give them. It is therefore important to have a diet plan that contains all the necessary proteins and nutrients they need for healthy living.  

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Frequently Asked Questions – Miniature Pinscher

How energetic are Miniature Pinscher?

Answer: The answer is, very! Miniature pinschers are extremely energetic and even have more energy than you do. This means you always have to keep a close eye on them while they run around in your home. It can be a lot of work but it’s totally worth it. You can also put him in his crate when he becomes too much of a bother.

Is Miniature Pinscher friendly with kids?

Answer: When trained properly with adequate socialization, miniature pinschers can be very friendly with kids. It also helps to introduce them to kids when they are really young to aid the socialization process.

Is Miniature Pinscher friendly with other pets?

Answer: They tend to get quite aggressive with other dogs and can be quite feisty especially with dogs of the same gender. This is because they tend to get very protective of their spaces and aren’t very welcoming to change. On the other hand, with cats, they can be quite friendly if well socialized and at a young age.

How sensitive are Miniature Pinscher to weather changes?

Answer: Miniature Pinschers tend to get really cold really fast. As the summer comes to an end, ensure your pooch is well covered with a thick sweater when you take him out so he doesn’t catch a cold.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Bichon Frise

What diet is best for Bichon Frise? 

Answer: a lot of bichon frises suffer from gastrointestinal issues, this is why their diet is very important. If your dog has this problem, ensure that you feed him healthy, dry meals that will not upset his stomach. Also, they tend to eat more than they need to; so, ensure that you check his weight while feeding him.  

Is Bichon Frise easy to train? 

Answer: they are relatively easy to train with the right motivation. We also advise you to start training early and keep it consistent as they are not as smart as other dog breeds.  

Do Bichon Frise shed? 

Answer: They are very low shedders. Their hair only shed occasionally and in a very limited amount. This makes the bichon frise the best breed choice for humans who deal with allergies that are linked to dog hair.  

Is Bichon Frise a great choice for new dog owners? 

Answer: their size, quiet nature and how easy it is to train them makes bichon frise a great choice for first-time dog owners. Even though they might be high maintenance, with the right knowledge, they can be easy to groom and can be the perfect companion.  

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Frequently Asked Questions – Schnauzer

What is Schnauzer temperament? 

Answer: they are incredibly active and spirited dogs. They are also very intelligent, obedient and very loyal to their owner. They are easily one of the best dog breeds for owners looking for companionship.  

Is Schnauzer friendly with kids? 

Answer: schnauzers may be a tad too energetic for your kids and would easily wear them out. They are not always friendly with kids because they are usually very hyper. However, with proper training, they can be a little friendly with kids although it won’t be easy to get to this point.  

What diet is best for Schnauzer? 

Answer: If you can afford fresh food or high-quality dry foods then you should definitely stick with these options for your schnauzer. This is because this dog breed usually suffers from food allergies and also tend to have issues with high-fat meals.  

Do Schnauzer bark a lot? 

Answer: Yes, but for good reason. Schnauzers are very expressive dogs and will bark if they sense a security threat or if they need attention from their owners. They can be quite noisy sometimes but this is how they express themselves 

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Frequently Asked Questions – Doberman Pinscher

Does Doberman Pinscher get along with other dogs? 

Answer: Not really. Some mature male Doberman pinschers usually have problems with there being another dog of the same gender in the house. This is why a lot of dog breeders will not keep two male Doberman pinschers together in the same home.  

What diet is best for Doberman Pinscher? 

Answer: Foods that are made for large dog breeds are the best for Doberman pinschers. Their meals should be high in fats and proteins and they should be fed regularly.  

Are Doberman Pinscher good apartment pets? 

Answer: As long as the Doberman is well trained and well socialized, he could definitely be a good apartment pet. However, you have to be committed to giving him daily exercise as this is the only way they will get any physical activity at all.  

Is Doberman Pinscher good with kids? 

Answer: they are very good with kids. They get protective, cuddly, and very loving towards kids. However, it is important that your Doberman is well trained before letting him play with kids. Also, it is important that you don’t leave a Doberman with kids unsupervised to avoid any accidents.  

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Frequently Asked Questions – Mini Goldendoodle

What exactly is a Mini Goldendoodle?

Answer: these beauties are simply the result of a crossbreed between golden retrievers and poodles. Created for the first time in 1992, they have become really popular and are highly sought after.

How smart are Mini Goldendoodle?

Answer: Being a crossbreed between a golden retriever and a poodle makes it one of the smartest dog breeds out there. They are also really caring and are great with kids.

Do Mini Goldendoodle bark a lot?

Answer: Goldendoodles are relatively quiet animals and only bark when they need to. If they are not startled or threatened then they can remain really quiet for long periods.

How big do Mini Goldendoodle get?

Answer: When fully grown, Goldendoodle puppies could weigh up to 65lbs. It is therefore important to watch their food intake and ensure they get adequate exercise so they don’t become overweight.

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Frequently Asked Questions – French Bulldog

Is French Bulldog easy to train? 

Answer: training a french bulldog can take a little longer than other dogs because they are usually very stubborn. However, with the right motivation, persistence and of course, consistency, it can be easy to train them as they can be very willing to please their owners.  

Does French Bulldog relate well with other pets? 

Answer: they actually relate really well with fellow french bulldogs and even other dog breeds and also cats. However, this depends on the training and the level of socialization they have received.  

Is French Bulldog good with kids? 

Answer: They absolutely love kids and are always good with them for the most part. However, like with every other dog breed, Frenchies need training before they can relate well with kids. Also, sogs and kids shouldn’t be left unsupervised.  

Do French Bulldog bark a lot? 

Answer: the answer is no. Frenchies only bark when they see other dogs around them barking. They could also bark a little while playing. Asides these few scenarios, they do not bark often.  

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Frequently Asked Questions – Goldendoodle

How is Goldendoodle different from Mini Goldendoodles? 

Answer: They easily have the same temperament. Warm, cuddly, loving and very good with kids. They also do not bark excessively and only do so for good reason.   

Is Goldendoodle easy to train? 

Answer: Goldendoodles are people pleasers and would do anything to get approval from their owners. This makes them really easy to train. They are also really obedient and loyal to their owners. 

Will Goldendoodle trigger my allergies? 

Answer: Goldendoodles usually have a straight, curly or wavy coat. Also, they do not shed a lot so they are great for people prone to allergic reactions from dog hair. What’s more? Your home will be completely rid of dog hair everywhere.  

How large is Goldendoodle appetite? 

Answer: Their appetite is pretty normal and they tend to feed about 2-3 times daily. Premium puppy food is recommended daily for them as they grow to keep them at a healthy weight.  

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Frequently Asked Questions – Yorkshire Terrier

Why are Yorkies tails usually cut? 

Answer: Tail docking was practiced on Yorkshire terriers many years ago. However, over time this practice has become illegal and is only performed for medical reasons.  

Are Yorkies aggressive? 

Answer: they aren’t aggressive; however, it is important to note that dogs usually become aggressive when triggered. They also need adequate training to keep them in line.  

Do Yorkies eat a lot? 

Answer: they have a pretty high appetite and have to be fed up to four times a day to keep their blood sugar levels stable so they don’t develop hypoglycemia 

Are Yorkies good with kids? 

With the necessary training and supervision, they can be a great companion for kids. It is important to ensure they are well socialized before letting them play with kids.  

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