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Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise dog breed is an excellent, vibrant, small, curly-haired dog with a cheerful personality. In most cases, this breed can be referred to as a dog that looks like a powder puff because of its curly white. The bichon is a very energetic and playful dog, and it is said to be a great companion. It is very affectionate and can live comfortably amongst kids, but it cannot be referred to as a guard dog because of its friendly and playful nature.

The Bichon Frise is about 9 to 12 inches tall, and it weighs about 7 to 12 pounds. Its hairs are curly and white, but sometimes it may have traces of cream colors on it. And it is expected to live up to at least 15years. It is a brilliant dog, its tendency to bark is low, and it doesn’t shed too much, its maintenance level is high because it needs to be highly maintained.

It originated from the Mediterranean, and its descendants are water spaniel and the standard poodle. And it is related to the likes of Maltese and Havanese. 

Due to its excess hair, it needs regular grooming. You need to brush its hairs about two or three times a week, so it doesn’t tangle, trim its nails, clean its teeth, and bath it regularly so it doesn’t get dirty. All these grooming activities are essential. The Bichon Frise dog breed is one that can be cuddled, hence the need for proper maintenance and training. 

If you have the bichon first as a pet dog, you are sure to enjoy its company.  Contact us today to learn more about our Bichon Frise puppies for sale near Brickell Miami.

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French Bulldog

Most people think a French bulldog will be a fierce and mean dog, but, if you feel so, then you are mistaken. The French bulldog is a cute and very lovable dog. The French bulldog is a descendant of the English bulldog; they are affectionate and make the perfect family pet dogs. The French bulldog weighs about 19 – 28 pounds and grows to 11-13 inches in height. It comes in different color combinations of white or fawn, its hairs are short and smooth, and it tends to live up to 10 years or even more. 

When it comes to grooming, you need to brush your dog’s hair weekly and brush it more during the spring. Trim its nails at least once in two weeks to prevent it from splitting and also don’t forget to brush its teeth at least once a week to avoid infections. Your French dog is prone to skin disease, so bath it regularly and clean its ears often. The French bulldog is known for having folding skin, so take your time to wipe the folds with a wet cloth or baby wipes and make sure it dries properly. 

Proper training is of the essence as it helps the bond between you and your dog, also doesn’t fail to teach them how to socialize with other pets from their tender age. This breed of dogs are lovable, train them properly, and love them appropriately. Don’t forget to make them exercise often, but not too much, so they don’t overheat.

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Mini Goldendoodle

Mini Goldendoodle

If you’ve never been a fan of dogs, then this mini golden doodle will make you fall in love with dogs. It is a lovely, intelligent, and playful dog. It is also known as a designer breed because it is a result of crossing two smart dog breeds, which are the golden retriever and the poodle. The dog is small but varies in size. Despite its size, it is a perfect companion for every family. It could be used as a service dog, therapy dog, or even a sniffer. 

When it comes to training your Goldendoodle, it isn’t a problem because training them is quite easy as they are brilliant and learn quickly as long as you train them with love. Grooming this breed is also not difficult, though the Goldendoodle is a very hairy dog, you don’t need to bath it always, so it retains its moisture and hairs. But you need to brush its hair once or twice a week to keep it from shedding too much, trim its nails regularly, and brush its teeth to avoid it from housing any form of bacteria. It comes in different colors so you can conveniently choose the color that you love. 

The Goldendoodle weighs about 50-100 pounds, they love to play, so never keep them bored indoors, so they don’t get destructive. Take them for a walk or allow them to swim because they love water. You can leave them with your kids because they are very friendly.

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Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier is one amazing breed of dog that has its origin in the United States of America. This mammal was confirmed by the American kennel club in 1893 as a non-sporting breed. The Boston terrier has a small size and is known for its lively and affectionate nature. It is a great family pet and one time and all-time companion for people of all ages. It has its way of amusing people with its unique and appealing expression.

This particular breed tends to bark a lot than other breeds do because they are very alert. Blessed with a great hearing sense, they will bark at the slightest rustle in a bid to bring their owners to the attention of anything unusual. It’s not new that they bark at other dogs when they are just meeting them for the first time.

This breed has top-quality exceptional lines that make it a devoted companion that prefers the company of family. They can be very protective and serving to their owners which could make them aggressive towards strangers. They are lovable, still.

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The Maltese are one chummy breed of dog that has its origin in South-Central Europe and is known to belong to the toy group. It is a breed that fascinates the young and old as it is covered with soft, white hair from head to toe. The Maltese are a small-sized dog that is known for its affectionate and responsive nature. Also, very easy going and quite intelligent, a wonderful family dog and a great companion for both the young and old. Its affectionate nature might make it bark excessively when deprived of attention. The Maltese also loves to be engaged in exercise and learn new tricks. It could be very playful if the owners are always around to engage it. One best attribute of the Maltese is that it’s very loyal, of course, fearless too. They would always want to help no matter what.

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German Shepherd

The German shepherd is one alert breed of dog with its origin in Germany, that’s where it got its officially recognized name from. The German shepherd is a large-sized hard-working one, very curious and always wants to pick things up and discover for itself. This breed is one to bank on when you don’t need human watchmen, they would gladly play the role of a watchdog, it’s very alert nature qualifies it for that. The German shepherd is very obedient and loyal to its master, could be an ideal family dog. It is an intelligent breed and it has been incorporated into the security system all over the world. They are very territorial and protective of their owners, they could be lethal weapons depending on how they are nurtured. With the right training from a family, they could be a loving family pet. 

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is by far the most beautiful breed of dogs. It has its origin in the United Kingdom and was classified as a toy dog by the American kennel club. It is a very pure breed with an amazing black, brown and white color mix. Covered with adorable hair from head to toe, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel is sociable, playful and affectionate much that it’s very okay to say they were born to be companions. They are not aggressive and don’t bark a lot, they could be driven to bark when they hear other dogs barking. The little darlings don’t like to be left alone and prefer a great deal of companionship. This is that breed that cuddles up on your laps, head, and chest for warmth. They are not difficult to train as long as there is a level of understanding between the dog and the owner. 

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Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu breed of dog is one hell of a spirited breed that has its origin from China. It is classed as a toy breed dog with a flowing hair coat over its face. An intelligent breed that is curious and open to learning and also loves to explore because of its agility. Shih Tzus shed their hair as humans do so the hair isn’t completely contained. Like most breeds, the Shih Tzus are companions and thrive when they get the attention of their owners, leaving them alone for a long period is not an entirely good idea. A Shih Tzu can be stubborn to train because of their independent nature but with understanding and tricks, they could be nurtured properly. The Shih Tzu is definitely the best choice for a family pet, they get along so well with other dogs and they are a wonderful partner for children. Kids can’t get enough of sitting to play with a Shih Tzu breed. It is the right fit for every home as they are the best friends for every child in a home. 

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The beagle is a breed of dog with a very good and developed sense of smell. It has its origin from the United Kingdom. It is a small hound primarily nurtured for hunting the hare. It is an intelligent dog also laced with gentleness. The beagle is an extremely curious dog that could be number one on the list of family pets because of its lively nature and playful disposition especially towards children in the house. They prefer a house filled with people because that is a way of getting all the attention they need. The beagle is a smart breed of dog, it’s developed sense of smell makes it single-minded and focused on just scents. It is easily distracted by scent and it would be difficult to bring them back in once they have focused on a scent. Dogs would always want to be dogs and show aggressiveness in some circumstances but it’s easier to train a beagle to be less aggressive and more welcoming/accommodating.

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Miniature Pinscher

The miniature pinscher is a petite breed of dog that has its origin from Germany. It is also known as the min pin and the zwerg pinscher. It is classified as a toy breed because it is fun-loving. It’s proud and fearless nature makes it stand out among other breeds. The min pin is a little toy breed with a swell attitude. They could be amazing watchdogs with proper training and this is that breed that’d chase away any moving animal they find in their vicinity including dogs. Barking is a sort of communication technique with the min pin because it barks at every single thing that comes to view. As watchdogs, they could also be territorial and protective of their surroundings but familiarity with the min pin is a way to win its heart.

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Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman pinscher is one dog that seems to be known as a dog of contradiction. Although it is considered a sharp dog, it’s owners still find it to be loyal and loving. The Doberman is one that demonstrates the real bind between dog and man because it protects its owners to the very last. 

However, it has temper problems and usually develops health issues. If you can train your Doberman with love, consistency, and lots of exercises, then you will have the smartest Doberman pinscher ever. If you don’t want to be outsmarted by your dog, then you need to pay attention to it. It is a dog that barks a lot and can be destructive sometimes; the Doberman is meant to be a guard dog that protects its family against danger or threats.  Caring for a Doberman is not a big deal, trim its nails often, brush its hair weekly so that it sheds a little, and make sure you let it undergo exercises regularly to keep it fit. The Doberman comes in different colors of black, gray, or brown. It barks a lot, and it’s barking can sometimes become a nuisance, but it can be curtailed from when your dog is much younger. 

One thing you might not know is that Doberman originated from Germany by a man named Louis Doberman.

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Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier happens to be one of the most popular dog breeds in the world because they are lovable and very adaptable. The Yorkshire, which is sometimes referred to as Yorkie, are small in nature but never intimidated because they are ready to take on anything that seems to be a threat to their owners. Be watchful of your Yorkie because they see themselves as big dogs even though they are small, and they tend to pick up fights with other dogs. The Yorkie was brought to England in the 19th century and has increased all over the world ever since. They were first brought to hunt rats, but later they became lapdogs for women. They are high spirited breed, energetic, and playful. So, it is necessary to keep them busy at all times.

Training the Yorkies is quite natural because they love to learn, play, and please their owners. Exercising them is a must so they can keep being energetic. Regular trimming of their hair and brushing their fur is also necessary to keep them healthy and prevent their hairs from covering their face since they grow long hairs. If you need a pet dog as well as a watchdog, then the Yorkie is your best bet. Teach them to be sociable from a younger age, and you will enjoy their company. And their barking habit makes them a watchdog.

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The schnauzer dog breed is an excellent dog that comes in three different sizes, which are the medium, miniature, and giant-sized breed. They are breeds with double-coated fur and the hairs on their face is very long, which means they need to be trimmed all the time, so the hair doesn’t cover their Eyes or enter their food bowl while they are eating. The breed is of German heritage, and they weigh differently due to their sizes. They could live up to 12 or 14 years; they have lots of energy, which makes them a perfect service dog. 

They require lots of exercise to keep them both mentally and physically sound because of the kind of energy they possess. Make sure to provide enough room for run and play around, so they don’t feel cramped in a little place. Training the schnauzer is very important, and it is good to train them from a very tender age so they can be submissive while growing up, because the schnauzers can be very stubborn. They are very patient dogs, which makes them a fantastic companion for children. They get along well with other pets, and they are very loyal and protective of their owners. 

The schnauzer is neat and a high maintenance dog. Although they don’t shed much, you need to brush their hair often. And trim their hair at least once in six months. Brush their teeth regularly and you don’t need to bath them often so their oil and moisture can still remain.

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Having a cross reed like the Goldendoodle in your home gives you an exciting feeling, and the golden doodle breed is a combination of two great breeds, which are the golden retriever and the poodle. The Goldendoodle comes in either a miniature, medium, or standard size. The crossbreed comes with various packages, and you might not even know what to expect. But how your dog is bred depends on you. The Goldendoodle breed is intelligent, affectionate, protective, and very friendly. When it comes to training them, it is quite easy because they are obedient and love to please their owners so, they will do what you want them to do. They are brilliant, learn quickly, and are sociable if you teach them from a tender age. 

The Goldendoodle is high maintenance breeds as they tend to have lots of hairs on them. So to prevent them from shedding always, you need to brush their fur regularly and sometimes trim also because their hairs might overgrow, which will not be suitable for their health. Don’t forget to keep their ears dry and clean because ear infection is common amongst them. Trim their nails often and brush their teeth regularly to avoid any bacteria from building in their teeth. Let them often exercise and since they love to swim, allow them to swim every once in a while. 

It isn’t right to keep your Goldendoodle idle as they might become destructive due to loneliness. The Goldendoodle can also be used as a guard dog because they guard their owners jealously.