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Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier is an ever cheerful, loving, friendly, and well-styled dog breed. One of the best breeds with a great coat color that looks like one wearing a neat black and white tuxedo. The Boston terrier originated from the United States and was bred to be man’s best friend which makes it a sweetheart. Boston Terrier is a loyal dog and can do anything to please and make its owner happy, it is also very ready to go anywhere with its family. Training Boston is not really difficult because it loves to learn new tricks and it is very intelligent. Boston is an obedient little dog that is also very agile, hence, if you have kids you don’t need to worry because a Boston is perfect and gets along pretty well with kids and other pets around. The Boston requires exercises due to its agility, taking it for a walk daily and getting your Boston involved in other sporty activities will make your Boston happy. The Boston terrier does not constitute a nuisance because it is not a heavy barker and he doesn’t shed much. Grooming the Boston terrier is no big deal, you only need to brush it weekly to get rid of dead fur because it has a short and smooth fur, it doesn’t need regular bathing because it doesn’t have any bad dog odor, trim its nails always, brush its teeth to prevent bacteria and clean its ears to also prevent infections. Contact us today about our available Boston Terrier puppies for sale near Hallandale Beach, Florida.

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Looking for an affectionate little dog that falls under the toy group? The Maltese dog breed is a perfect choice. The Maltese are a charming little dog with a long and silky white coat that makes it look radiant, it can pass for a therapy dog and it is a great companion. The Maltese whose origin can be traced back to about 2000 years ago in Malta are a loving dog that has lots of love to give out and expects to be loved in return. The Maltese can be small in size, but they are smart and can help you run your home comfortably, they can also be called a lap dog because they tend to always cuddle up on the laps of their owners. Even though they love to be carried about, they never fail to let them exercise because it’s good for them. Training your Maltese is easy because they love to learn new tricks and are willing to show off their skills at any time. The Maltese might not be great with children because they are very small and if the kids play rough with them, they get frightened and can snap at the kids, sometimes they might hurt the kids while trying to defend themselves. When it comes to grooming, the Maltese requires lots of effort to keep it clean and shining, in most cases people who own a Maltese take them to a professional for grooming. Because the fur of a Maltese is long it needs to be brushed frequently to prevent it from tangling. You may need to clean its eyes often and bath it to prevent tear stains from its fur. Trim its nails regularly, brush its teeth and keep its ears clean always to prevent bacteria.

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German Shepherd

This highly intelligent dog breed was created in the 19th century in Germany and was bred to be a guard dog. Weighing about 50 to 90 pounds, the German shepherd is very intelligent, adapts to any environment, and protects its family. The German shepherd dog breed is fearless, easy to train, very protective, and in the midst of all its fierceness, it is still a loving dog. It is a very obedient dog and learns quickly, which means you don’t need too much effort to train it. The dog breed can be considered as a working dog because it loves to work, hence, a huge amount of exercise will be fine. Teach your German shepherd new tricks and it will gladly learn. If you want it to stay indoors, train it to be an indoor dog and show it, love. Help it to be busy by asking your dog to help you pick up things. The German shepherd should not be left alone for too long so it doesn’t become destructive, take it out for a daily walk so it can get relieved. The German shepherd sheds a lot due to its thick fur and it is double-coated. During spring, it tends to shed massively hence, it requires frequent bathing and brushing. Trim its nails monthly or when you notice it has started growing out, brush its teeth and clean its ears often.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a little sturdy companion dog that has existed for over a hundred years now. They were located in Spain in their royal courts. They dined with the royals which made King Charles of England lend his name to the dog. They are often called the comforter and their small size makes them so loving and attractive. They are friendly to everyone, always happy, and can be considered a lap dog because they love to be on the lap of their owners. They could be very sweet yet so stubborn, they learn quickly which makes them easy to train. They also love food, hence, keep a plate of food or goodies around when you are training them. They don’t like being alone so you need to be with them often that is why they are a perfect choice for people who are always home. The cavaliers are very friendly with kids, they love chasing objects and licking things, and they love food. It is best to start training your Cavalier from a very tender age so they don’t become aggressive when they grow. It is quite easy to groom your Cavalier, their fur is silky and not heavy, and they don’t shed much. They need to be brushed twice or three times a week, trim their nails, clean their ears and brush their teeth to keep them healthy and free from infection.

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Shih Tzu

This sturdy, cute, affectionate little dog is said to have originated from China and is fondly called a lion dog even though there’s nothing really fierce about it. They are playful aNd also categorized under the toy breed of dogs. They are great companions and its difficult not to love them because they know how to love their owners selflessly. They are not considered a guard dog but are seen as alert dogs because they tend to alert their owners with their loud bark once they notice any suspicious movement or if a stranger comes around. They are very intelligent, obedient, and they love to learn. Training them needs consistency and patients and they don’t require any vigorous exercise because they are very sensitive to extreme heat and cold. However, a daily short walk will be okay for them. Their colors are lovely and attractive and they have very long and silky fur. Their fur is tied up as a knot above their head so it doesn’t get into their eyes. Grooming them takes lots of time and care, hence, if you can’t do that don’t get a Shih Tzu or take it to a professional groomer. Comb its fur daily and trim it a little to prevent it from matting or tangling. They change coat once a year and at this time they tend to shed a lot, so you will need to brush its fur often. Bath your Shih Tzu often, clean its eyes and face with a damp cloth and make sure to dry it properly. Trim its nails, clean its ears and brush its teeth.

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The Beagle is another little dog breed that is always very active. They are fondly called scent hounds because they were bred to use their nose in tracing scents. They are fun to be with and at the same time they can be very stubborn, hence, you need to be patient if you want to live with them. They tend to be very happy when they are going after scents and if you’re not careful you will end up looking for them always because they can trace any nice scents to anywhere it is coming from. They were used by hunters to trace small animals in the past, and though people keep them as companions in their homes now, they can still be used in catching small animals. They can live comfortably with families and they can stay indoors, you only need to let them exercise their nose by sniffing on walkways or anything around the house. Beagles can be very naughty but they are still very funny and can make you laugh really hard. Beagles are very easy to groom; you only need to brush them often to take away dead hair from their coat. You don’t need to bath them often, only bath them when they are dirty or stink. Trim their nails often, clean their ears and brush their teeth to prevent infection. 

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Miniature Pinscher

Fondly called min pin, this breed of dog is a loving, sturdy, and exciting dog. This little dog that is popularly known as the king of toy breeds is very fearless and can be used as a watchdog. The min pin is very active and curious about things so you should learn to put away anything that isn’t safe for it. The min pin is small but it likes to act like a big dog and challenges any intruder no matter how big. It is very protective, barks a lot, and very stubborn. Min pins have little fur and small body fat hence, it should not be exposed to extreme heat or cold, during winter you can wear them jackets to cover their chest so they don’t fall sick. They love to climb things so ensure there are no holes in your fence, they have a great sense of humor, they are bright and very agile. Take your min pin on a daily long walk, get it involved in some canine activities, and take them out for family outings. The min pins have short fur but they shed a lot so you need to brush it at least three or four times a week. Keep its ears clean and brush its teeth regularly to keep bacteria away and don’t forget to trim its nails often.

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Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is an exciting and amazing little creature that was bred to be an entertainer. It turns out it isn’t just an entertainer but also a great companion. It is full of tricks and always very play which is why it was called a circus dog. This little curly dog breed loves attention and leaving it alone for a long time will be a bad idea. If you want your bichon to be excited, give it food and a very soft bed to lie on, the bichon might not be a very perfect breed from birth, but with lots of training, it will definitely be that companion you desire. The Bichon is the kind of dog you would want to cuddle all day long, but you need to let them be a little and exercise their muscles. If you have kids, this breed might not be good for you, if kids play too rough and step on it, the bichon might snap or even hurt them. The bichon doesn’t shed much but their fur still needs to be brushed weekly to remove dead hair from their fur. Bath your bichon often to maintain that shiny white color, be prepared to clean the eyes often to avoid tear stain, brush their teeth, and clean their ears to prevent bacteria.

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The Schnauzer originated from Germany around the 14th to 16th century and it comes in three different sizes which are the mini, standard, and giant schnauzer. This bearded dog breed is loyal and can be used as a guard dog. They are very protective of their families; they are devoted and don’t get angry easily. You can call them a peaceful dog breed but they are never peaceful with intruders or strangers. The schnauzers are double-coated and require regular brushing to remove dead hair to prevent them from shedding too much. Training a schnauzer is quite easy but one needs to catch them young, which means you start to train them from a very tender age. Their strength differs according to their sizes. They are very intelligent and they love to learn new tricks, which makes training them easy. However, you also need to exercise your schnauzer, take it out for a walk and a play at the park, never bore your schnauzer with a particular exercise for a long time because it easily gets tired of doing one thing for long. You can trim its coat or take it to a professional groomer, trim its nails, clean its ears and brush its teeth often. 

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Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman pinscher is a breed that was created by Louis Doberman in Germany to be used as a watchdog and since then this sinister and very intelligent dog has lived up to its responsibilities. The Doberman can serve as a police dog, it can protect your family, and also be an ideal companion. It is always alert, very watchful, and above all, it is a very obedient dog which makes training it easier. The Doberman needs to stay close to the family and be properly house trained so it can create a bond with its family and be loyal to them. Never leave your Doberman alone so it doesn’t become a shy and aggressive dog, also help your Doberman to socialize and be familiar with many faces so it doesn’t get too agitated at the sight of another pet or a stranger. Grooming the Doberman is quite easy, it doesn’t shed much and only needs to be brushed regularly to keep it healthy. You can bathe your Doberman when you feel the need to and use a dog shampoo to make it smell nice, trim its nails, brush its teeth, and clean its ears to keep it safe and healthy.

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Mini Goldendoodle

Mini Goldendoodle

The ever-loving hybrid designer dog is a combination of two wonderful breeds which are the golden retriever and the miniature poodle. Their curly fur makes them look like teddy bears and you would want to carry them anywhere you are going. They are confident, intelligent, playful, and very loving. Training a mini Goldendoodles is easy because they are always ready to learn new tricks and also please their owners. When it comes to other pets, the mini golden doodle doesn’t mind playing with them and it is also good with strangers. If you need a guard dog, the mini Goldendoodle is not a choice. They fall under the toy breed of dogs and can also be used as a therapy dog. If you have little children in your home then the mini golden doodle is perfect, their love for kids, and play in excess. Their coat is short and curly but they don’t shed much, however, it is advisable to brush it daily to keep it from tangling. You can bath it monthly as it doesn’t really require daily or weekly bathing, trim its nails so it doesn’t scratch everything in your home. Clean its ears frequently and keep it dry, brush its teeth regularly to prevent germs from building up. 

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French Bulldog

The French bulldog happens to be a descendant of the English bulldog and it was created in England but later adopted to France. It was in France it got the name Frenchie which people still call it up to date. Being a feisty and affectionate dog, it does a great job at being a family dog, it is very attentive and loves to follow their owners about without disturbance. Although they are quite stubborn, their affectionate and protective nature makes them a good choice for your family. They bark to alert their owners of the presence of an intruder or a stranger. Training them takes a lot of energy but if you try to encourage them by giving them gifts then they will be eager to learn. Never allow your Frenchie to be left alone for too long because they can become aggressive. Grooming the Frenchie doesn’t take too much time. They have short and smooth fur; they don’t shed too much but you need to brush them weekly. You can bath them once in a month, make sure to clean its deep wrinkle with a wipe and allow it dry thoroughly, or else it might be the beginning of dog infection. Clean its ears often, brush its teeth, and don’t forget to trim its nails often. 

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The Goldendoodle dog breed is a creation of two amazing breeds which are the golden retriever and the poodle. The Goldendoodles are friendly and very devoted to their families. They are smart and easy to train because they love to learn new skills, and they love to be praised and appreciated. The Goldendoodle needs to be trained from a tender age so they don’t grow to become shy and very aggressive. The Goldendoodle comes in three sizes and they are all loving and caring. They have the ability to communicate with people and they love to socialize so you need to teach them how to be sociable from a tender age. The Goldendoodle requires a short daily walk as an exercise or you can as well take it to the Park so it can release all of its energy while playing. The Goldendoodle comes in different types of fur, but whichever fur your Goldendoodle comes with, you need brush it’s fur daily to keep it healthy. Maintaining them might take a lot of energy but they need to be well taken care of so they don’t fall sick. Trim them every two weeks and you can bath them monthly. They love water and they know how to swim, hence whenever you take it to swim, make sure to dry it properly so bacteria don’t find its way under its fur. Clean its ears proper and if you notice any bad odor or abnormalities in your dog visit a vet. 

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Yorkshire Terrier

The vibrant, hairy Yorkie as it is fondly called is a very smart and intelligent dog. It is a very curious dog breed and always at alert. The Yorkies are very protective of their families and can be used as a watchdog because of their fearless and powerful look. The Yorkie is a small dog and might not be okay with children. Because if a child plays roughly with it, it can become aggressive and harm the children. The Yorkie keeps forgetting that it is small and will always confront bigger things like a bigger dog. The Yorkie is easy to train because they would always want to learn new skills. As much as you love to carry your Doberman around, you need to also exercise it. Take it for long walks and take it to the park so it plays very well. Yorkies have long silky hair that needs to brush daily and you can trim its coat if it gets too long. Bath your Yorkie weekly to keep it scenting nice, if possible, take your Yorkie to a professional groomer to help you clean your dog. Trim its nails, clean its ears, and brush its teeth often to prevent bacteria.

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