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Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Compact, moderate weight, and well balanced are the right words to describe the Boston terrier. This dog breed weighs about 25 pounds and is wrapped in a stylish tuxedo coat. This coat comes in different colors like white, black, seal, or brindle. This dog breed has a square-shaped head and large, but impressive eyes. They are very agile and friendly to kids in the environment. The Boston terrier is always very alert and makes a rhythmic move when alerted. Its alertness is what makes it one of the friendliest and yet still secured dogs to have around. Contact us today about our available Boston Terrier puppies for sale near North Miami Beach, Florida.

Bostons are one of those very few pets that will make a perfect pick for urban centers. They can adapt quickly to their immediate environments and interact with the people and animals in it. Their size makes them very portable allowing for them to be moved around easily. It is a very sturdy and bright dog that gets to understand its environment quickly and play around. Your kids and everyone in the family will love the Boston terrier and find them to be very great companions. When you want a dog that can help you smile always, then you want no other dog than the Boston terrier.



The history of the Maltese dog breed goes as far back as the period when the Bible was still being compiled. This playful, charming, and adaptive breed of dogs is famous for several amazing features that they possess. The Maltese have a floor-length long, straight, and silky coat that aids its adaptation as well as a compact body that makes movement very easy for it. This dog breed weighs about seven pounds making it a very lightweight and elegantly looking dog. One major characteristic of the Maltese is balance. Despite its lightweight, it is a very balanced dog that can move effortlessly from one place to another.

When it comes to sensibility, the Maltese has a black gumdrop nose that is very sensitive to the environment. This nose makes it very friendly to people and other pets it is used to, and daring to others it is not so familiar with. Though aristocratic, the Maltese are very fearless and this makes them the perfect watchdog for your home. They have the agility of an athlete and can be very easy to train when you make rewards available to them. They are reported to have a very long life span and find it easy to make new friends even though they can prove to be initially stubborn.

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german shepherd

German Shepherd

Everyone loves and wants to have a German shepherd because of its popularity and unmatched activeness. This dog breed dislikes idleness and always wants to have something doing at all times. The German shepherd is about 25 inches tall and weighs about 41 kilograms making it a well-proportioned dog. It has a broad head, a slightly sharp muzzle, and a leveled back. The bushy but curly tail makes it a very attractive dog and one that you would surely want to go around with. It has a very thick coat that varies in length and could be black, tan, or both. It is said to have an average life-span of about 10 – 12 years.

The German shepherd is a friendly dog breed that can easily get along with children and other pets around but needs to be trained to do that. Considered to be a very smart dog, this breed of dogs requires adequate training from a tender age to prevent them from being high-strung and nervous. A well-trained German shepherd will be instinctive, friendly, and smart while a poorly trained one tends to exhibit aggressive behaviors. Timely exercise with the German shepherd is important to help keep it active and busy and they are always fun to exercise with.

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cavalier king charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Born to be a companion, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs are very sporty and have their lineage rooted in the spaniel ancestors. This dog breed is said to be very playful as they get familiar with their environment so quickly. Though playful, they are a very alert breed of dogs and can be very fierce when they sense any activities that are inconsistent with what they are used to. Rated to be one of the largest of the toy breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is super athletic. At their fun time, they enjoy hiking and running around to further strengthen their agility.

They are a perfect companion and are always found flushing a bird and attempting to get it back or just somewhere on the lap of a familiar person rubbing their bellies. Dogs of this bread are very resilient and active which makes them best as hunting dogs. They are affectionate with family and always about putting a smile on everyone, incredibly friendly to kids as they always want to play which is one characteristic of kids as well. They are not scary to strangers and always try to be calm with them. They have a high sensibility and their response rate is quite impressive if trained properly.

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shih tzu

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu weighs between 9 to 16 pounds and has a height of between 8 and 11 inches. It not only is a well-groomed dog, but it has a very attractive skin that makes it desirable. Referred to as a lively charmer by some people, the Shih Tzu is a very cute dog that loves children. Just like children, it loves to play a lot and gets excited when there is someone or something to play with. With a royal history, this dog is mostly sought after by kings and people of royalty making the royal palaces its abode. They, however, can be owned by anyone with a small and closed apartment. They love sitting on laps and enjoy some time out watching television alongside the kids.

They are not as energetic as many other breeds, but they are very sensitive. They have high adaptability and can survive anywhere. They are the perfect companions for your daily work as they have a very attractive look that puts all eyes on you. To make the most of the Shih Tzu, they require adequate training to help them understand people and their environment. They are not just friendly and caring for children, they also love to make friends with strangers.

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The Beagle is a small and compact dog with noses that guides them through life. They are great companions for children and adults as well as amazing watchdogs in the homes. They can be very loving and playful on one hand and fierce on the other. To tame the Beagle, they need to be well trained. Proper training not only tames them, but it also makes them creative dogs. Due to their noses, the Beagle belongs to a class of dogs that are very sensitive. There is nothing they find more interesting than moving in the direction of nice scents. The Beagle moves in the direction of an interesting scent because they were bred for tracking small games such as rabbits and rats. If not properly trained, they become stubborn and become very dangerous to the environment and the people in it.

Though still being used to track small games in some countries across the globe, the Beagle can work well as a hunter and a watchdog. They make the perfect companion for yourself, your kids, and the family as a whole. To keep the Beagle fit, they should be fed with fresh and custom meals. Timely exercise is also needed to ensure it stays very fit and energetic at all times.

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miniature pinscher

Miniature Pinscher 

With its origin traced to Germany, the Miniature Pinscher is one of its kind. Very small but robust, the Min Pins has a very lovely personality. Widely referred to as the King of Toys, this dog breed is a very strong and athletic dog. It is well balanced and can serve both as a hunter and a watchdog. It has very strong instincts and can sense changes that occur in its immediate environment. Though it sometimes acts stubborn, the Min Pins is a very lively dog that makes everyone around it happy at all times. It has a hackney gait that trots like a horse but only trots with its front legs.

Min Pins need a lot of exercises to help keep them in an active and energetic state at all times. Best as a hunting dog because of how bold and fearless they can get when properly trained. As a watchdog, they also need to be trained to prevent them from being unruly or stubborn with people and situations they are not so familiar with. When placed in the right home and given the right training to develop its dynamic personality, the Min Pins make an amazing companion. They are affectionate and act best in an attentive household.

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bichon frise

Bichon Frise

With black eyes and a white coat, the Bichon Frise is one of the most cheerful dog breeds you can ever own. The Bichon makes a very great companion to everyone in the home as they are always seen moving around and wagging their beautifully looking tails. This dog breed can adapt well to apartment living even though they are not bred for it. They love challenges and can be very playful at it. They are the best dog option for novice owners as they are very easy to train. They get really smart when they are properly trained. They have a high sensitivity level and are very friendly to other animals in the environment.

Getting familiar with Bichon Frise is not difficult especially for kids in the home because they are incredibly friendly with kids. They can be stubborn at some point, but they usually don’t last long in that mood. Strangers do not have to get scared when they find this dog breed in the home because they are super friendly towards visitors. Constantly rewarding the Bichon Frise makes them feel loved and happy. Develop their energetic potentials by engaging them in regular exercises that help develop their strengths.

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The Schnauzer is of three different breeds all of which are healthy, long-lived, and a great companion. They possess a very outspoken personality which not only makes them attractive dogs but also interactive ones. With a very portable size, the lively Schnauzer will make a great family dog. A bit robust, this dog breed has a height of about 12 to 14 inches and have their origin rooted in that of their cousins – the Standard Schnauzers. Amongst the many sterling features of this dog breed is its human-like expression with eyebrows and bushy beards. It has a hard coat that comes in different patterns and a leveled back.

Generally bred as a farm dog, the Schnauzer is more of a hunter dog than it is of a watchdog. It is not aggressive, but it has a fearless look which is a fair balance of what a hunter dog should possess. They are bare sturdy in nature and enjoy playing a lot especially with kids and other animals. They are a very great pet to have around in your home as they make the atmosphere lively at all times. They have high adaptive abilities when used as watchdogs at home and high energetic abilities when used as farm dogs.

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doberman pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

The amazing structure and quick-wittedness of this dog breed are two major characteristics that stand it out from other breeds. It is a very courageous and fearless dog which makes it an amazing hunter dog. It is reputed to be one of the world’s finest protection dogs that are used by several security organizations across the globe. The Doberman Pinscher has a compact structure that makes it firm, fast and balanced. Despite the muscular structure of this dog, it can be well-trained to live peacefully with everyone in the home.

Dobermans have a substantial body covered with a coat of many colors which includes black, blue, red, or fawn. It has incredible speed, a leveled shoulder back, and sharp noses. The sterling qualities of the Doberman alongside its high sensitivity has made of it a name and a reputation in the canine kingdom. Secure your homes and everything of value to you with the Doberman Pinscher while making of it a great companion.

The right training is however needed to keep the Doberman happy amid your kids. Without proper training, what you will have is a dangerous and stubborn dog capable of intimidating you and everyone else in the home.

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Mini Goldendoodle

Affectionate and attentive are two good words that best describe the Miniature Goldendoodle. They possess the quality of two great breeds of dogs – the Golden Retriever and the Toy Poodle being a hybrid of both. They are very friendly and share the same look with a teddy bear. Considering how friendly and understanding they can be, they have made a great family dog all over the world. They love children and everyone in the environment and are a great companion to all.

The Mini Goldendoodle has great energy and prance without having to lose touch of its calmness. They are comfortable with making new friends in the environment and love cuddles at all times. They sometimes get too clingy because they always want to follow you everywhere you go. They do not like to be left alone for long as they begin to feel insecure and manifest it by being anxious. They possess certain antics that will make you laugh and intelligence that will leave you in awe. The Mini Goldendoodle is difficult to outsmart as they have high intuition and always know what to do at all times. They are long-lived and friendly to strangers as much as they are to kids.

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french bulldog

French Bulldog

Popularly referred to as the Frenchie, the French bulldog is a lively and playful breed of dogs. They are very easy to love and they also love easily especially kids. They have a compact structure with a large head and ears similar to that of a bat. Though different from the English bulldog, they share certain features with them. They are sturdy and very balanced and compassionate pets. They always put a smile on the faces of everyone in the home which makes them the perfect pet for all kinds of families. Being small in size, they are very easy to move around with especially if you are the type that enjoys a long walk.

The French bulldog is a loyal pet with high intelligence. They are quick to study their immediate environment and adapt to the changes that exist in it. A bit selective when it comes to food choices, this dog breed requires the right meal to stay energetic. The French bulldog does not like to be left alone as they love to be more of a companion that they love to be alone. The Frenchie not only keeps your home and everyone in it safe, but they can also be the right companion for you and the best playmates for your kids.

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Referred to as a designer dog, the Goldendoodle is a hybrid of the Poodle and the Golden Retriever. Despite being a crossbreed, the Goldendoodle has amazing features that have made it outstanding from many other dog breeds. The major features of the Goldendoodle are its great look, unmatched intelligence and compassionate nature. It is good for a person who is a novice dog owner as it is very easy to understand. It has an impressive energy level and a good intensity. To keep it fit at all times, the Goldendoodle should be subjected to timely exercise that will help build its strength. This dog breed is fearless and that makes it a good watchdog option for the home and an amazing companion to the family.

The potential for the playfulness of the Goldendoodle is very high which makes it a good companion for kids as they all love to play.

Goldendoodles are not difficult to train and they exhibit a very high sense of intelligence when they need to. They are affectionate to family and other animals, incredibly friendly with kids and they are not harsh to strangers. When not properly trained from a tender age, they tend to exhibit some sort of stubbornness and can be very difficult to groom when grown.

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yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

With a height of about seven inches, the Yorkshire terriers are recorded to be one of the smallest dogs in the world. Its coat is long, fine, straight, and comes in different colors. It has a small head, a muzzle of medium length, and hair that is steel blue. The most outstanding feature of this dog breed is the long hair on the top of its head usually tied up with a ribbon. Yorkshires are said to be able to live for as long as 12 to 15 years if properly taken care of.

Despite the small size of the Yorkie, it is still known to be very energetic and domineering more than many other animals. They are the perfect option for a person who wants a watchdog and a companion. Yorkies are generally attention seekers and they begin to feel insecure when they are not given all of the attention that they desire. To prevent the Yorkshire terrier from being harmful towards children, it has to be trained from a tender age to live peacefully with others in the environment. They love to bark a lot but this can be minimized if they are trained not to bark at certain acts or individuals. Training a Yorkie requires patience as they tend to prove stubborn starting but a great learner after a while when they become used to the training.

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