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Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier dog breed is a crossbreed native American dog that originated in 1870. Breeding a white English terrier and bulldog is what gave birth to Boston terrier, and it was created to be a pit fighter dog. However, the bottom has become America’s best friend and gentleman. It is gentle in nature, friendly, intelligent, and loving. The Boston terrier is muscular, compact, and short-haired. It doesn’t need to stay in a place that is too cold or too hot. Their fur is smooth and they shed a little, but there’s a need to always brush their fur at least once a week to prevent them from shedding too much. Make sure you take your Boston terrier out for a walk daily and other little exercises to prevent them from being fussy. Bath your bottom once in a week or when it is dirty, clean its teeth and ears to prevent bacteria, also clean its eyes regularly to prevent cataracts. Clip its nails monthly and clean the crease on its face daily to keep it dry and free from infection. The Boston terrier is prone to becoming obese so it is advised to give it proper animal nutrients. They drool and snore loudly when asleep, but their barking is low. The Boston Terriers are very protective of their owners and can be very aggressive towards strangers. Contact us today about our available Boston Terrier puppies for sale near Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.

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A gentle and fearless dog breed that is considered under the toy group. Its white fur makes it so adorable and gentle, but it is a vibrant, cheerful, and highly spirited dog that can serve as a great companion and a therapy dog. The Maltese is a friendly dog and training it is quite easy because it is always eager to learn. If you want your Maltese to learn faster then try to praise it often and offer it gifts. Expose your Maltese to people and other things at a very tender age so it can socialize properly and get used to seeing various faces. Maltese are very active and playful hence, they don’t require much exercise, taking a short walk with them is enough exercise already. The Maltese are white and silky and its fur is usually long hence, they need to be properly groomed. They don’t shed much, but their fur gets stained easily, brush their fur regularly to prevent lice from living in it. Brush its teeth twice a week, clean its ears weekly to prevent bacteria, clean its eyes regularly to prevent tear stains on its fur. Maltese are not very good with children, so children should be careful around them.

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German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a special breed of dog and is a combination of so many exciting traits. The strong, agile, and energetic dog is popularly known as a police or military dog, it does a very good job at bringing down criminals, searching for illicit drugs, leading the blind, and also acts as a detector. It is very loyal and devoted to its owner, it is very large and scares away intruders from your property. When it comes to sport, it has excelled in many ways, but it takes one with a lot of patience to live with a German shepherd. It needs lots of exercise and training sessions, it needs to put out its energy on something daily. You could take it for a daily walk and take it somewhere where it can play vigorously until it is tired. If you’ve got kids then the German shepherd is right for you because it is very protective, loving, and friendly. The German shepherd is a double-coated breed, and its fur sheds often, however, it is advised that you bathe or brush your dog at least once a week to help it get rid of excess fur. Brush its teeth regularly, trim its nails, and clean its ears to prevent bacteria and any allergies. The German shepherd can live indoors with your family but its brain needs to exercise often.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is said to be the largest of the toy breed. This playful and cheerful dog who likes to jump on its owner’s lap at any given opportunity was once popular in the royal courts of Europe. The Cavalier is easy to trust, very friendly, loving, and attractive and they are known as comforters because they never leave the side of their owners. It follows its owner everywhere and can also be used as a therapy dog. The Cavalier dog breed is very sweet to be with but they could be very stubborn, they are very good around children and play a lot. Training them might be a little easy because they are smart and learn quickly, all you need to do is pay attention to the very little things, house trains them, and you can live comfortably with them. The Cavalier is a very hairy dog and as a result of that, they require regular brushing. They also shed often, but with regular brushing, it takes away dead hair and makes their fur tangle-free. You can bathe them twice in a month to keep their fur clean and smelling nice, trim their nails monthly, clean their ears and brush their teeth weekly to prevent bacteria from building up.

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Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is one breed whose origin is not well known. But it happens to be an ancient breed that is thought to have originated from Tibet. It is a lap dog that is ready to love and be loved, it is obedient, gentle, playful, stubborn, and sometimes it can get mischievous. It is not a demanding dog breed and once it is well trained, it will make a great companion. The Shih Tzu loves to be around its owner, they love children and other dogs. You need a lot of patience to train your Shih Tzu, and it is willing to learn. Its fur is a lovely combination of gold and white which makes it very attractive, its fur is long and can be trimmed regularly. Brush it’s fur daily to take off excess hair because they tend to shed a lot especially when they are changing coat. To keep its fur from tangling, you need to brush it regularly and you can bath your Shih Tzu regularly to keep it clean, but be sure to dry off its fur so it doesn’t catch a cold. Trim its nails, clean its ears and brush its teeth regularly. Always use a damp cloth to clean its face and eyes to prevent tear stain. 

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Beagles are scent detection dog breeds whose breed originated from England. The dogs are friendly and they use their nose every time, they can trace a scent to anywhere and they are popularly used by the police, especially at the airport to locate drugs, and contraband items that passengers are trying to smuggle into the country. Their breed is known as scent hounds, they are small in size but very smart and intelligent. If you own a Beagle then you need to have a fenced yard because they can stray away with any exciting scent. They love to eat and this makes them easy to train because they can do anything to have food. You can get them in two different sizes which are either 13 or 15 inches. Their fur is short and comes in exciting colors of white, black, and tan. They are suitable to live with family because they are not too big and they are great companions. They require enough exercise so they can always practice their sniffing skills. They are very playful and funny, but never allow a beagle to be bored else they can exhibit some lousy character. Grooming a Beagle is quite easy as you don’t need to bathe it often, you can decide to bathe it about five times in a year, but they shed a lot so be ready to brush it often. The beagle has a drooling ear that needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent infection, trim its nails often, and brush its teeth regularly.

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Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher which is popularly known as Min Pin is a cross reed that resulted from German pinscher, Dachshund, Manchester terrier, and Italian greyhound. The little fearless and high spirit dog was popular in Germany and Scandinavian. The Pinscher is regarded as a toy breed because of its size, but it sees itself as a big and bold dog. The Miniature Pinscher is very active and fearless, it challenges any intruder that tries to hurt its family and it is very protective. It doesn’t like to be treated like a little dog, it is affectionate, loving, and suitable for any family. They could be very stubborn but with a bit of training, they will protect you and your family to the very end and will also be very obedient. 

The Min pins are not fat and they have very little coat hence, they easily catch a cold during winter so it’s advisable to make them wear a sweater to cover their chest. Though they have little coat, it still sheds greatly so brush them often, keep its ear clean, brush its teeth regularly, and from its nails. Your min pin requires daily exercising to remain active, check your fence often because they have a habit of digging things. They could easily jump off the fence if it isn’t high enough, they also bark a lot which can make them a nuisance but they are great companion dogs. 

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Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a charming, Little, curly dog breed. It is very affectionate and loves to be noticed, it was once a royalty dog in France and was used to performing tricks in the crowd and was always cheered. The Bichons can be called cuddle dogs because they were made to be cuddled, they are very active and require lots of exercises to help them use up their excess energy. The Bichon is a bold and happy dog but requires training to help it know its place in the home and to curtail the way it barks and snaps at every little thing. They are great family dogs but it could snap if a child plays roughly with it, keep your Bichon exercised, and busy all time so it doesn’t become a tyrant and grumpy dog. Bichons don’t shed but they could come in contact with allergies. They are very hairy and their fur is curly, hence, they need to be brushed regularly. They are prone to skin infection and should be well cared for. Brush its teeth regularly, clean its ear and trim its nails. Bichon Frise are white fluffy dogs and if not properly groomed, it’s color might become rusty and unattractive.

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The schnauzer is a dog breed that comes in three sizes, which are mini, standard, and giant schnauzer. It originated from Germany during the 15th and 16th centuries. It was originally created to be a guard dog and it is known for its intelligence. They are very bold, entertaining, and great companions, the Schnauzer is very protective of their families and you can trust them with children because they will protect the children and be loving towards them. They tend to be very observant and suspicious of strangers who come around their owner’s property. They can serve as proper guard dogs to their families. You need to exercise the Schnauzer daily so it can unleash its energy outside. You can take it for a long walk or hiking. They are double-coated and shed greatly hence, their fur needs to be brushed weekly. Trim its nails monthly, clean its ears and brush its teeth to prevent infection. Training your schnauzer is quite easy because they are very intelligent and smart, they learn easily but dislike dwelling on a particular exercise for long. If you want an obedient Schnauzer, then be prepared to train it appropriately, it is a fun-loving dog and whichever size of Schnauzer you want, you will love it. 

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Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman pinscher was created by Louis Doberman who needed a guard dog to protect him from thieves. He crossed shepherd dogs with Rottweilers and tan terriers to produce a Doberman Pinscher which makes it very contradicting. It is a sharp dog and considered to be loyal and loving, but only to its owners. Your Doberman can be very loving, protective, friendly, and diligent if well trained and it protects its owners from suspicious strangers. If you want to enjoy your Doberman, you need to patiently train it so it can be obedient. A Doberman deserves to be treated lovingly and allow it to exercise often due to its intelligence. It is a very smart dog and needs to be given proper attention so it doesn’t outsmart the owner. When it is boring it can become destructive and will bark loudly so it is appropriate to take it for a walk daily. It has the ability to detect danger when it sees one and it will protect its family all the time, due to its suspicious nature it can become aggressive to strangers. The Doberman sheds a lot so it is best to brush it regularly to keep it from shedding excessively, trim its nails, brush its teeth, and clean its ears to prevent infection. If you need a guard dog for your family, then the Doberman Pinscher is right for you.

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Mini Goldendoodle

Mini Goldendoodle

This designer dog is a crossbreed of a golden retriever and a miniature poodle. The teddy bear-like dog is small in size but very sociable. The mini Goldendoodle is very adorable and devoted to their loved ones, and they are perfect for a family dog. The mini Goldendoodle was bred in 1969 by Monica Dinkens and since then, they’ve grown to become very popular. Due to its combination, it has a number of admirable traits, it is loving, playful, and a good retriever. It is small in size, yet it does lots of amazing things, it is excellent with children and is very loyal to its owners. Training a mini Goldendoodle is quite easy because it is always ready to please its owner hence, it will do whatever you want it to do. They are very intelligent and not aggressive at all; they love to be loved and they are perfect for any family. The mini goldendoodle has curly fur and needs proper grooming. They don’t shed much but one needs to brush it daily to keep it from tangling, bathe it at least twice a month to keep it clean and fresh, if its fur has grown too long, then it’s best to and keep it short. Like every other dog, clean its ears and brush its teeth often to prevent bacteria.

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French Bulldog

The French bulldog which is popularly known as Frenchie originated from England before it got adopted by the French people. This dog breed is popularly known for its loyalty and friendliness. If you’re not good at taking your dogs for exercise, then the Frenchie is perfect for you, they are intelligent, loving, charming, stubborn, and have a great sense of humor. They get easily attached to their owners and tend to always be with them, they don’t like to be left alone for too long and prefer to stay indoors. Training your Frenchie might be a bit difficult but with lots of patience and understanding, you can train it to be the perfect dog for you. Leaving your Frenchie alone for too long might make it throw tantrums and when it sleeps it snores loudly. Exercising your Frenchie is not a big deal, a short walk in the evening is okay for them and a little playing around in the cool morning is also cool with them. They are very sensitive to heat so you don’t need to stress them. Its fine smooth fur makes grooming it easier, the only time you need to brush it daily is when it sheds and it does that twice every year. Apart from that you can brush it twice every week, trim its nails, clean its ears and brush its teeth. You can also bath your Frenchie monthly and clean its folds often to prevent bacteria from hiding there.

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The Goldendoodle is an exciting package that will bring happiness to your home. A combination of a golden retriever and a miniature or standard poodle makes it an excellent crossbreed. The Goldendoodle comes in three sizes which are mini, standard, and large, and they are all intelligent, loving, and very friendly. Although they are of the same breed, their activity level varies, for instance, the large Goldendoodle is more active than the mini Goldendoodle. The Goldendoodle needs to be exercised daily because of their active nature, a daily walk will be perfect for them and sometimes you can get them involved in dog sports. It is best to train your Goldendoodle from a tender age so they can learn how to socialize on time, they are fast learners which makes training them easier. They are good therapy and companion dogs, and they love to be praised often. 

The Goldendoodle is a high maintenance dog, full of fur, and needs to be brushed daily. If the fur grows too much, it is best to trim it a little, Goldendoodle loves to swim so you need to keep it dry after its swimming exercise. Check its ears often for any bad odor or redness and make sure to clean it often to prevent bacteria. Brush its teeth regularly and trim its nails.

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Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire dog breed is fondly called the Yorkie, it is an exciting, loving, beautiful lap dog with silky fur. It is counted under the toy breed of dogs but it tends to be very bold and stubborn at the same time. The little one is a very curious dog and easy to train, they are good companions and can take a long walk with you without getting tired. If you have children, then Yorkie might not be a good choice for you because though they are little, if a child roughly injures them, they could get very aggressive. He tries to challenge every other dog that trespasses into its territory and that’s what makes training a Yorkie very necessary. It needs to learn to be calm and welcome other dogs that come around it. They respond well to training because they love all the attention given to them alongside praises and gifts. Their very long fur makes them a high maintenance dog, you need to bath it weekly and keep its knot tired above its head to prevent the coat from entering its eyes. You can take your Yorkie to a professional to help you groom it properly. The good thing is they don’t shed much, however, clean their ears regularly to prevent bacteria, brush their teeth, and trim their nails before it begins to make a sound.

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