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Ft. Lauderdale American Foxhound

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One of Americas native breeds, the American Foxhound is also one of our rarest. This tall hound sports a close, hard coat that can be any color. The Foxhound in this country is used for four purposes, thus calling for hounds of a different characteristics: competitive field trial hounds and "trail" hounds (speed is most important), fox hunting hounds (slow workers with good voices), and pack hounds (15 to 20 hounds or more, used by hunt clubs and farmers).

History of American Foxhound's Puppies for Sale

The American Foxhound's origins date back to the early 1700's in Virginia and Maryland, where it developed from the Walker, Trigg and Goodman strains of foxhounds. George Washington is the father of the American Foxhound he ran a breeding program and often referenced his hounds in his journals.

American Foxhound Puppies for Sale Temperment

The American Foxhound was bred to run, so they are an ideal pet for those who live in rural areas or on large farms. They can do well in smaller areas, however, with owners who provide them with adequate exercise. Hounds raised in the home tend to be mild tempered and easy going, getting along with children and most other pets. Their short coat is easy to care for, but owners will need patience and persistence in training, as the breed can be stubborn and independent.

Where will the American Foxhound Dog to buy feel best?

Apartment? Not really.
Love large yard

Grooming an American Foxhound Dog for sale

Frequent brushing with firm brush.
Average shedding.

Exercising an American Foxhound Dog to Buy

High energy.
Vigorous exercise, daily.

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