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Miami Boston Terrier

What are the Boston Terrier’s Puppies near Me origins?

The Boston Terrier is an English Bulldog - White Terrier cross, bred originally in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1870s. French bulldog may have been mixed in the breed as well at some point, as you can see some similarities. Boston Terrier puppies are as American as apple pie. For more breed history, please see the breed section below.

How much exercise do Boston Terriers Dogs require?

While your Boston Terrier pup will love to get out and be around people, a Boston Terrier’s exercise needs are not great. A walk or two around the block is enough to keep them happy.

What will be my Boston Terrier puppy’s for sale grooming requirements?

The Boston Terrier’s short, sleek coat is easy to take care of. Even though they do lose fur, they don’t shed excessively. The wrinkles on their face need some regular cleaning,, as they can gather dirt and dust.

How long do Boston Terriers Dogs live on average?

You can expect your new Boston Terrier puppy to live a nice long life, with the average lifespan being somewhere between 13 and 15 years.

Where do we source our Boston Terrier puppies for sale in Miami?

Forever Love Puppies works with both licensed Boston Terrier breeders and local hobby Boston Terrier breeders to source our puppies. For more information on our breeders, see here.

Are Boston Terrier puppies easy to train?

Your Boston will be a quick and eager learner who does well will training. Boston Terriers are popular in dog sports and competitions for this reason, excelling in agility challenges. The breed also makes for an excellent therapy dog.

What Health Guarantees are there on our Boston Terrier puppies?

All Boston Terrier puppies from Forever Love Puppies come with a 14 Day Infectious Disease and Parasites Warranty and 1 Year Hereditary and Genetic Warranty.

How well do Boston Terriers get along with others?

Boston Terriers are people-oriented, and love to be around the family. Bostons get along well with children and other pets, and they will enjoy your company as much as you do there's, thanks to their sweet, charming and humorous temperaments. Looking for Boston Terrier puppies for sale in Miami? Pass by Forever Love Puppies!

One of the original American breeds, the Boston Terrier is a loving, cute and intelligent little tough guy who makes the perfect family companion. For well over a century now, “The American Gentleman” has been winning hearts all over the world. We have beautiful Boston Terrier puppies for sale in Miami, FL. Pass by or make an appointment to play with any of our pups!

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