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English Toy Spaniel

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The English Toy Spaniel is a small, square-bodied dog with a coat that flows like a royal cloak and a merry and affectionate personality. This breed is divided into four varieties based on color: Blenheim (rich mahogany red and white); ruby (rich mahogany red); Prince Charles (white with black and tan markings); and King Charles (black and tan). The coats in the Prince Charles and King Charles varieties are longer. The breed appears in numerous noble portraits of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries.

History of English Toy Spaniel's Puppies for Sale

Authorities agree that the English Toy Spaniel originated in the Far East and later appeared in England, but exact details remain hazy. The black and tan, King Charles, appear to have been the Kings favorite and the emphasis in early breeding programs was on this variety. For a long time the varieties were bred without reference to color, producing several varieties in the same litter.

English Toy Spaniel Puppies for Sale Temperment

The English Toy Spaniel is a gentle, happy and playful loving breed that is naturally well-behaved and intelligent. They are good family companions and play well with children. Their small size makes them ideal for an apartment. All varieties of the English Toy Spaniel are easy-to-groom and require regular twice-weekly combing and brushing.

Where will the English Toy Spaniel Dog to buy feel best?

Apartment is fine.
Low activity indoors.
Thrive in moderate climates.

Grooming an English Toy Spaniel Dog for sale

Regular brushing.
Average shedding.

Exercising an English Toy Spaniel Dog to Buy

Light daily exercise is fine.

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