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The Saint Bernard is a very large working dog from the Western Alps in Italy and Switzerland. Saint Bernards were originally bred for rescue work by the hospice of the Great St Bernard Pass on the Italian-Swiss border. Known as a classic example of a Gentle Giant, the Saint Bernard is calm, patient and sweet with adults, and especially children. Overall they are a sweet, gentle, calm, loyal and affectionate breed, and if socialized are very friendly. Because of its large adult size, it is essential that proper training and socialization early on with Saint Bernard puppies, so as to avoid the difficulties that normally accompany training large dogs. While generally not instinctively protective, a St. Bernard may bark at strangers, and their size makes them good deterrents against possible intruders. Physical Attributes of the Saint Bernard. The Saint Bernard is a large dog. The average weight of the breed is between 65 kg and 120 kg (140 and 260 lb) or more, and the approximate height at the withers is 70 to 90 cm (28 to 35 in). The coat can be either smooth or rough; the smooth coat being close and flat while the rough is dense, flat, and more profuse around the neck and legs. The color is typically a red shade with white or a mahogany brindle with white. Black shading is usually found on the face and ears. The tail is long and heavy, hanging low. Eyes are usually brown, but sometimes can be icy blue, and should have naturally tight lids, with haws only slightly visible. Also important to mention. Saint Bernard puppies are very cute.

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