Value of Forever Love Puppies

Veterinary Care at Forever Love Puppies Facility

  • Up to Date with Vaccinations (at least the first round of vaccinations) Including: Kennel Cough, Parvo-Virus, De-worming, and Preventative Medications such as Probiotics, Prebiotic and a Fecal Exam
  • Weight and Temperature Monitoring
  • Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, Heart, Lungs, Hernia, Feet, Coat, Skin, GI, Fecal, Skeletal and more
  • Health Exams conducted by a Certified Veterinarian

Veterinary Care when your Forever Love Puppy Goes Home

  • Free Initial Vet Visit
  • Free Fecal Exam if Necessary at the Initial Vet Visit

Supplies & Support from Forever Love Puppies

  • Starter Supplies
  • Micro-chipped and Ready for Registration

AKC Standards & Forever Love Puppy’s Breeders

  • Certificate of Pedigree (generations w/ DNA) (varies by specific puppy)
  • Champion Puppies from Award Winning Sires and/or Dams (varies by specific puppy)

Forever Love Puppies Warranty and Guarantees

  • 1 Year Hereditary and Genetic Warranty
  • 14 Day Infectious Disease Warranty
    • 100% Viral
    • 100% Bacterial
    • 100% Parasites
    • 100% Parvo