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Best Dog Breeds for Active People | Athletic Dog Breeds

If you’re an active person who likes to jog, run or go for long hikes, certain dog breeds will be better able to accompany you than others. Besides the fact that certain dog breeds are better able to keep up with your active lifestyle, it will be a win / win because quite often, theseRead More…

March 28: Respect Your Cat Day

Did you know cats can make about 100 sounds? Cats are not only intuitive about their surroundings, but they want to communicate what they’ve learned, isn’t that amazing! Now, it’s time cats receive the loving respect they so deserve, so today, it’s time to celebrate them for their unique personalities and loving affection.  With this …

Why You Should Put An ID Tag On Your Puppy

It’s always a good idea to put an ID tag on your puppy. An ID tag gives your puppy the best chance of being identified and returned should they get lost. Disasters, accidents and escapes can happen when you least expect it, and regardless of how well-trained your pup might be, they may still getRead More…

Dog Park Tips: When Is It Okay to Take Your Puppy to a Dog Park?

There are at least 810 dog parks in the USA by the beginning of 2020. There was an increase of 37 parks in 2019. But having a dog park available to you doesn’t mean that’s all you need to know. You’re no doubt concerned about when to start introducing your little furry baby to other …

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