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French Bulldog puppy
adopted in Pembroke Pines
born 12/30/2022, Red Fawn Black Mask

Beautiful Red Fawn Black Mask Female French Bulldog puppy for sale in Pembroke Pines, ID 00693001
Beautiful Red Fawn Black Mask Female French Bulldog puppy for sale in Pembroke Pines, ID 00693001
Already Adopted
French Bulldog
Birth Date:
Red Fawn Black Mask
Pembroke Pines
Mom breed:
French Bulldog
Dad breed:
French Bulldog
French Bulldog

Learn More about French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Often described as "a clown in the cloak of a philosopher," the French Bulldog originated as, and continues to be used as a companion dog. The breed is small and muscular with heavy bone structure, a smooth coat, a short face and trademark "bat" ears. Prized for their affectionate natures and even dispositions, French Bulldogs are generally active and alert, but not unduly boisterous. Frenchies can be brindle, fawn, white, and brindle and white. We love these guys so much, we even did a whole blog dedicated to the beautiful breed.

History of French Bulldog's Puppies for Sale

Lacemakers in 19th Century Nottingham, England selectively bred the early bulldog for a downsized or "toy" bulldog, for use as a lap pet. When the Industrial Revolution displaced some lacemakers to France, they took the dogs with them, and soon the "toy" bulldogs became popular in France, where wealthy Americans doing the Grand Tour saw and fell in love with them. In the late 1800s these "toy bulldogs" became known as French Bulldogs.

Where will the French Bulldog Dog to buy feel best?

French Bulldogs are indoor dogs, but require air conditioning in warm weather. While good at alerting their owners to danger (Look! The UPS Guy is coming!), their main role is that of lap warmer. French Bulldog puppies require minimal exercise and grooming.

Apartment is fine.
Moderate activity indoors.
Thrives in moderate climates.

Grooming an French Bulldog Dog for sale

Easy care.
Light brushing.
Average shedding.

Exercising an French Bulldog Dog to Buy

Light daily exercise.

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