Our Breeders

At Forever Love Puppies, we want our clients to be confident in their decision to source their new furry companion from us. We work with both licensed commercial breeders and local hobby breeders to source our puppies. Licensed breeders are experienced with multiple breeds and usually have more than a dozen litters a year, while our hobby breeders typically breed only a handful of litters each year, usually of the same breed.

We require our breeders to maintain a well-trained and appropriately sized staff to meet the needs of the dogs at the facility and ensure their health and well-being of our puppies.

The AWA sets a series of regulations and rules that all licensed breeders must follow in order to maintain a clean record free of violations. Among these, puppies and breeding mothers must have an adequate and comfortable amount of space to move around the crate, staff must remove waste daily and keep the areas sanitized, ventilation is to be adjusted in the event of a decrease or increase in temperature, and regular recorded mandatory veterinarian care is required to prove the well-being of the dogs. Additionally, USDA officials make spontaneous and unannounced visits to the breeding facilities to confirm that the breeders are following AWA regulations at all times and file a report.

The hobby breeders Forever Love Puppies works with are not subject to the same inspections or regulations by the USDA, because they are small and humane operations within a breeder’s own home with only a few dogs of the same breed involved. However, we expect all our breeders to go above and beyond our expectations and requirements for the care and upbringing of our puppies, whether they are licensed breeders or hobby breeders.

Forever Love Puppies holds our breeders to the highest standard and expects them to care for their animals with respect, kindness, and humaneness.

We provide “pet quality” puppies, which means they generally do not meet American Kennel Club (AKC) or other kennel club breed standards in terms of physical appearance and conformation. This is not a bad thing or a concern – all it means is that their markings, height, or eye color may disqualify them from being “show quality” because it does not fall within the official breed standards that make them eligible to compete. Your puppy is still as healthy and happy as his show dog counterparts – you just won’t find him at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show ring anytime soon. Some of our puppies are AKC registered and come with a certificate of pedigree, meaning that their purebred lineage and family history has been marked into the AKC’s studbook. This does not determine the quality or health of the puppy, but only certifies that the puppy is the offspring of a named, registered purebred pairing. All our puppies, regardless of AKC status, are of equal pet-quality and in good health.