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Boxers are known to be intelligent and loyal guard dogs - but they are so much more than this! Boxers are sweet, humorous and fun-loving dogs who form a tight bond with their family and are playful with their loved ones. If looking for Boxer puppies for sale, look not further than Forever Love Puppies!

Boxer Puppy FAQs

Commonly asked questions about Boxers.

Boxer puppies for sale

Do Boxers make good guard dogs?

While Boxer puppies are lovable, little goofy guys, they’ll grow up to be excellent guard dogs. As mentioned, Boxers grow tight bonds with their families, and will love and protect you with everything they have. Boxers are courageous and feel it’s their job to keep their loved ones safe from harm.

Are Boxer puppies easy to train?

Boxers are very intelligent, watchful and alert dogs who enjoy learning new tricks, tasks and commands. They belong to the working group of dogs. Bred to assist man, they excel at jobs such as guarding property, working with the military, but thanks to their ability to be gentle, also serve as excellent guides for the blind. The earlier you start them, the better, so it’s good to begin working with Boxers when their small pups.

Where do we source our Boxer puppies for sale?

Forever Love Puppies works with both licensed commercial breeders and local hobby breeders to source our puppies. For more information on our breeders, see here.

How much exercise do Boxers need a day?

Boxers are energetic dogs that require one to two hours of exercise a day. If you’re someone who’s active and likes to exercise, they are the perfect companion. If you’re more along the lines of a couch potato, a Boxer puppy may not be the choice for you, as they can misbehave if they don’t get enough exercise.

Are Boxers good with children?

Although Boxers would ferociously protect their family in a time of need, they are lovers by nature rather than fighters. One of your boxer puppy’s most appealing traits will be a huge love for their humans and a need to be loved in return. Boxers are happiest when with the family, especially children.

What health guarantees come with our Boxer puppies?

All Boxer puppies from Forever Love Puppies come with a 14 Day Infectious Disease and Parasites Warranty and 1 Year Hereditary and Genetic Warranty.

How long do Boxers live?

Boxers live between  10 and 12 years on average.

Are boxers high maintenance?

While your Boxer may shed (as most dogs do), their short, fine coat is easy to take care of and won’t leave behind a big mess like other breeds. Your boxer will need a full bath every three weeks or so with a mild dog shampoo, as frequent bathing can cause dry skin and itching.

If looking for Boxer puppies for sale, you’ve come to the right place! Forever Love Puppies has the cutest Boxer puppies around!

Learn More about Boxer Puppies

The well-conditioned middleweight athlete of dogdom, the Boxer is a powerful dog with an intelligent and alert expression. While they are instinctive guardians, the Boxer loves to be with his people. This personality has allowed them to succeed as couriers during war time and as seeing-eye dogs for the blind. Appearing in both fawn and brindle colors, the Boxer currently ranks as one of the most popular dogs in the United States according to AKC Registration Statistics.

Developed in Germany in the 19th century, Boxers were originally used for dog fighting and to run down and hold large game such as wild boar and bison until the hunter could arrive. The breed is known for standing up on its hind legs and batting at its opponent, appearing to box with its front paws. Imported to America after World War I, they began to grow in popularity in the late 1930s.

One of the breeds most notable characteristics is its desire for human affection, especially from children. The Boxer requires little grooming, but needs daily exercise. The Boxer gets along great with children, often protecting them from outside threats. The are also very intelligent, therefor easy to train and housebreak.

Working Group; AKC recognized in 1904.
Ranging in size from 21 _ inches to 25 inches tall at the shoulder.
Large game hunter, guard and companion dog.

Apartment is ok.
Active indoors.
Thrive in moderate climates.

Lots of activity needed.
Moderate to extended daily exercise.

Easy care.
Occasional brushing.
Average shedding.

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