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English Bulldog

English Bulldogs, also known as British bulldogs, are friendly little power houses. These courageous, loyal companions with distinctive features have been ranked fifth most popular dog breed in the US. So, it's very easy to find an English bulldog puppy near you and much easier to find English bulldog puppies for sale. Though typically confused with their French counterparts, their loose skin, small ears, furrowed brow, and cute distinctive gait amongst other features, singles them out from other dog breeds. 

English bulldogs are cute little things best known for how people oriented they are. They however get aggressive towards unfamiliar people. This, coupled with their courageous nature allows for them to be awesome watch and guard dogs.

Why Should I Buy An English Bulldog Puppy Or An English Bulldog?

English bulldogs are one of the most popular purebred options in the world. Their unyielding persistence and fierce determination are some of their more attractive features. If you're on the fence about whether to buy an English bulldog puppy, then here are some facts to help make your decision easier:

Irrespective of their size, English bulldogs are excellent guards. Though not as aggressive as they used to be, they would not hesitate to jump into action whenever a threat is noticed.

English bulldogs are pack animals, and this trait begins to show from their early days. Once a bond is made, they would do anything to protect both you and your immediate family. So, these dogs tend to be a bit clingy and would follow you everywhere while acting as your tiny playful bodyguard.

Should I Buy An English Bulldog Puppy If I Have A Kid?

Yes, the English Bulldog pup is great with kids.

The English Bulldog is caring, sociable and gentle. With an overly enthusiastic and protective nature, these dogs create long lasting bonds with their humans, be it adults or kids. This is especially true with the pups. English bulldog puppies are much more tolerant of a human child than other dogs. They would easily create a bond with a child and thus protect the child. They might even go so far as to spend most of their time around the child than otherwise. If hesitating to get an English bulldog puppy because of your child, know that if you get an English bulldog puppy, you’d be getting a cute little friend and protector for your little one in the form of a bulldog. Therefore, locating a store with English bulldog puppies for sale is a great idea even with kids.

Is Adoption Okay If I Find An English Bulldog Near Me?

To adopt an English bulldog puppy, or any other dog breed at all, always seems like a great thing to do. It is kind, selfless and affordable. It however has major flaws that aren’t mentioned quite often. Firstly, it is an excruciating task to get a specific dog breed, size or even age when trying to adopt an English bulldog puppy. It’s most often the case for one to simply select what is found, which often proves to be a risky move as there’s no guarantee you’re getting the right pet for you. 

Another major problem with trying to adopt an English Bulldog puppy is the gamble. Most dogs put up for adoption tend to have traumatic experiences which results in their being either very aggressive or too timid. While this might be remedied with a lot of time and training, it isn’t guaranteed.

Another major problem with trying to adopt an English Bulldog puppy has to do with the dog’s health. It’s typical for most adopted dogs to develop some form of health issue soon after adoption. The animal shelter that gave up the dog for adoption would not offer a guarantee on the total wellbeing of the animal. Thus, it's more advisable to get an English bulldog puppy from a verified pet store with a history of satisfied clients as you'd be guaranteed of the little fella’s health, mental stability and you’d be able to select the dog that best suits you.

Is Purchasing An English Bulldog Puppy From An English Bulldog Breeder The Right Way To Go About It?

No, it isn’t. Most people tend to purchase dogs from their breeders as they believe it to be a safe decision. Often, this decision ends up being a wrong one. It can be difficult to locate a reputable English bulldog breeder and even more so an honest one. There are, however, a bunch of tasks that can help determine the quality of the puppy or dog you're about to purchase.

Find out if the pups have been vaccinated.

Find out the age of the puppy.

Find out if there is a recommended time frame for your new pup’s first vet visit.

Request for some form of testimony or references from previous customers.

Ensure you discover if the breeder offers some form of money back guarantee or something similar.

Make sure to discover what the breeder has been feeding the puppy.

These are some of the important things to know before patronizing an English bulldog breeder. Though there is a chance that they can help determine the quality of the pup you’d be purchasing, these tasks are not full proof. It's quite easy and typical for the breeder to offer false information. All these considered, patronizing a breeder isn’t advised. Getting an English bulldog puppy from a reputable pet store is a safer and easier way to get a perfectly healthy dog.

What’s The Easiest Way To Find An English Bulldog Near Me Or Find An English Bulldog Puppy For Sale Near Me?

Locating English Bulldog Puppies for sale near you is generally a very easy task. The easiest way to find an English bulldog puppy for sale near you would be to visit the site of a reputable pet store. One such store is the  Forever Love Puppies Store. To find these stores, simply google “find an English bulldog for sale near me” or “English bulldog puppies for sale near me.” It is important to note that a reputable store would have an internal warranty department, and a customer support system. It’s easy to find English bulldog puppies for sale near you as reputable stores with customer support systems tend to have an accessible website.

How Much Does An English Bulldog Cost?

As with most breeds, the price of a healthy English bulldog depends on a couple of factors. Some of these factors are:

The health status of the dog in question: A completely healthy English bulldog pup would be much more expensive than a sickly one.

Location of purchase: The price of an English bulldog at a shelter would be different from that at a pet store. The same holds true for those bought from breeders.

The age of the dog: the price of a pup would differ greatly from that of a fully grown dog.

Level of training: Training a pup is an extensive task that requires a level of expertise to accomplish. There are different training methods, each aimed at achieving different goals. The price of a dog that can accomplish tricks is generally different from that of a dog that can't.

How Easily Can I Find An English Bulldog Near Me (In A Pet Store)?

English Bulldogs are not rare dogs. They have been ranked as the most popular dog breed in the world after research conducted in early 2022. The research showed that this dog breed is most popular in the UK, Serbia, Puerto Rico and the United States. The English bulldog is also ranked 5th most popular dog breed in the US by the American Kennel Club. All of this goes to show that regardless of where you are in the world, there’s a certain chance that 9 of every 10 pet stores would house English bulldog puppies for sale. You can easily locate any of these pet stores by googling, “English Bulldog Puppies for sale near me.” So, it is very easy to find an English bulldog puppy in pet stores.

How Do I Determine If The English Bulldog For Sale Near Me Is Healthy?

When purchasing an English bulldog puppy or fully grown dog, it is important to ensure that the dog is completely healthy before initiating the transaction. As with other dog breeds, there are a couple of tell-tale signs that’ll alert you to the health status of any English bulldog puppies for sale you come across. 

Firstly, the energy levels. Healthy English bulldogs are energetic animals who are always willing to play. Once an English bulldog begins to act lethargic and sleep more than normal, then there's a need to have them checked by the vet.

Dogs are animals who love food. This is especially true with breeds like the English bulldog who needs to be put on a diet to ensure they don't grow overweight. If ever it's noticed that these dogs begin eating less or showing signs of a loss of appetite, then there's a need to visit the vet.

Hair loss. Though, a bit obvious, once an English bulldog begins to lose fur for no reason then a vet's attention is needed. This might not be limited to hair loss alone as problems like fleas, swelling, redness, odor and so on, soon follow hair loss.

What Are The Different Coat Colors For English Bulldogs.

Like all other dog breeds, the English Bulldog comes in a variety of colorist colors of these dogs are typically determined by their heritage and genes. It's quite common for an English bulldog to possess an interwoven of its parent’s colors. It's important to remember that after you buy an English bulldog puppy, there's a chance for the colors of its fur to change. This is a common occurrence. The pup's coat begins to change color when they're 6 months old and might continue till they are 18 months old.

Some of the different coat colors of the purebred English bulldog are:

The reddish-brown coat, also known as the red English coat.

The full-on white coat. Bulldogs with this coat are known as the white English bulldog.

The light brown and white mix. Dogs with this coat are known as the fawn English bulldog.

At What Temperature Does It Get Uncomfortable For An English Bulldog.

English bulldogs are animals that thrive best in temperate climates. These dogs can easily overheat in hot weather. They also find it difficult to breathe in extremely hot weather. These dogs also catch a chill easily in cold temperatures. It's important to know that after you buy an English bulldog or after you buy an English bulldog puppy, you might not be able to travel by air with them. Most airlines have banned English bulldogs as they typically find it difficult to breathe in high altitudes resulting in a lot of unfortunate incidents.

What’s The Process Of Purchasing An English Bulldog Puppy From A Pet Store Like?

The first step would be to find a pet store with English bulldogs and English bulldog puppies for sale near you. As mentioned above, this can be done by googling, "English Bulldog Puppies for sale near me.” Next, you’d have to ensure the pet store is reputable and trustworthy. Once this has been accomplished, make sure to watch the cages and enclosures in the store. Ensure they are clean and neat. Next off, you’d find an English Bulldog puppy that catches your interest. Once that is done, you’d examine the English bulldog while watching for possible signs of sickness. Next, ask all the important questions. These involve but aren't limited to, the animal’s history, its diet, required medical care and many more.  Once all of this has been accomplished with a satisfactory result, you can then proceed to make payments to buy an English bulldog puppy.

How Much Grooming Attention Does An English Bulldog Require?

English bulldogs require a moderate amount of grooming. You can decide to bathe the bulldog weekly or once every six weeks depending on its lifestyle. While cleaning the English bulldog, it is vital to pay special attention to its facial area. The wrinkles on an English bulldog tend to hold bacteria thus requiring the use of a facial cleanser. This facial cleanser, or facial scrub, can also be used outside bath periods. This would help keep the pup clean while eliminating every possibility of wrinkle bacteria.


English bulldogs are courageous companions. They are fiercely loyal pack animals that would not hesitate to leap into action at the sight of a threat. These medium sized dogs can also serve as guard dogs. Therefore, by owning an English bulldog, you don’t just own a dog. Rather, you’d own an extremely loyal and protective companion.

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