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French Bulldog

Over the years, French Bulldogs have become a household name owing to their cute, intelligent, and accommodating demeanor. These attributes enhance their market value and demand.

Therefore, getting French Bulldog puppies for sale can be demanding, especially if you want a pure French Bulldog puppy.

As a potential dog parent, you should ask various questions before purchasing a French Bulldog puppy. 

This guide discusses questions and answers to prime your knowledge of how to find French Bulldog puppies for sale.

Why Should I Buy a French Bulldog?

Getting a French Bulldog comes with a lot of advantages. Included are:

  • The French Bulldogs have a high IQ and enjoy interacting with others. Of course, your French Bulldog puppy will need your patience and consistency during training, but once they get it, they won't misbehave much. So, if you want a French Bulldog dog, you should buy French Bulldog puppies.
  • Even though French Bulldog puppies for sale are known for their adorableness, they also have a protective side. They offer defensive support for the family member by their short stature and stout build.
  • The fact that French Bulldogs have short hair is also something worth considering. This attribute means they are low-maintenance and won't leave a lot of fur around the house.
  • In addition, the French bulldogs are a great family pet because it enjoys the company of adults and children. They are quiet and won't frighten your kids. 
  • Because of their small stature, bulldogs can get by on a minimum of daily exercise. In addition, due to their lower body fat percentage, your cute little one doesn't need nearly as much time spent exercising. But you should still pay them the attention they require. If you're busy and want a pet, buy a French Bulldog dog.
  • The French Bulldog is a regal dog with a long history to back up its status. The American Kennel Club officially recognized the French Bulldog as a separate breed in 1989. They are now one of the most popular dog breeds around the world.

How Popular Are French Bulldogs?

French Bulldog dogs are quite popular breeds worldwide. Statistics back this claim:

  • In 2021, French ranked the second most popular canine breed in the United States. They were also the second most popular breed in the UK in 2018.
  • In addition, the French Bulldog is among the top three most requested dog breeds in 2021 across the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. However, they are now considered among the world's top five best dog breeds in 2021.

Therefore, to get a French Bulldog puppy, you need to be able to find an answer to how much a French Bulldog puppy costs, as they are scarce. The price also varies from region to region.

What Are French Bulldog Breed Standards?

The French Bulldog is a medium-sized or small-sized dog with an enthusiastic, insightful, and muscular body characterized by a streamlined coat, heavy bones, bulky build, and medium or small size. Bat-like ears and a square head breed trademark of this breed. Observant and enthusiastic.

  • Weight: 16 - 28 pounds. 
  • Height: 11 – 12 inches
  • Coat: Short and smooth
  • Ear: Bat ear
  • Nose: Black
  • Eye: Lighter brown color.
  • Origin: French

What Colors and Body Markings Are Acceptable for A Pure French Bulldog?

While there are varieties of colors, patterns, and markings of the available French Bulldog puppies for sale in the market, here are the recommended standards by the American Kennel Club:

  • Color: White, cream, and fawn. Also, there might be a combination of any of the mentioned colors. 
  • Body markings: Piebald, black mask, brindle, white markings, and black shadings. While ticking is not desirable, it is generally acceptable.
  • Any other markings or patterns apart from Breeder mentioned are unacceptable.

What are the other names for French Bulldogs?

The French Bulldog dog has a lot of names in the market. However, here are the three most popular names:

  • Frenchie
  • Frog Dogs
  • Bouledogue français.

What Is the Lifespan of a French Bulldog?

  • They live for an average of 10 to 14 years.

Is a French Bulldog of good temper?

Well-bred French Bulldogs are bright, but they can be headstrong. As a new Frenchie owner, training may seem challenging. 

  • They have difficulty being kennel trained. However, they are quick learners and will come well.

How Easy Is It to Find a French Bulldog Puppy?

Although numerous online pet stores are portraying pedigree French Bulldog puppies for sale, however getting a pure Frenchie puppy is a challenging task. 

  • They are often scarce to come across. Once you find a reputable store like puppies for sale, you should be patient in addition to the bucks you're spending on this cutie.

Can I Buy a French Bulldog Dog from a Pet Store?

Many websites claim to sell healthy, well-socialized French Bulldog puppies but disappoint. Forever Love Puppies has been verified as reputable by the American Kennel Club.

  • Also, you should not be bothered when it comes to qualities. We only stock the best puppies. When you buy a French Bulldog dog from us, you have nothing to worry about.

How Can I Know a Reputable Pet Store?

The decision to purchase a French Bulldog puppy is significant, especially considering the abundance of online options. 

We all know how simple it is to fall in love with a French Bulldog puppy, but there are steps you must take to protect yourself from scams and pet stores., Here are tips to guide you in selecting good French Bulldog dog breeders when you want to buy a French Bulldog puppy from pet stores:

  • Be sure that the American Kennel Club registers the pet store.
  • Ask for reviews from previous customers. A reputable French Bulldog pet store will be fine sharing contacts of previous clients from whom you can get the necessary information on the performance of the puppies.
  • Also, before you buy a French Bulldog dog, ask questions about the vaccination history and other medical-related questions.
  • Take cognizance of the seller's demeanor. Is he assuring or doubtful? Never let anything slide.
  • Stay away from cheap puppies. For example, if you suspect the price of purchasing a French Bulldog puppy is ridiculous, you need to be wary because they might be from a bad pedigree.

Can I Get French Bulldog Puppies for Sale Near Me?

While you might be tempted to buy a French Bulldog puppy from a nearby breeder, it's important to do the necessary research before purchasing a French Bulldog puppy. 

  • Avoid unregistered pet stores as much as you can. Don't get a French Bulldog puppy from an unverifiable source to avoid wasting money. You're at a higher risk of buying a poor breed from the stores.
  • Also, getting French Bulldog puppies for sale near me might not be cost-effective, besides the risk of getting substandard puppies.
  • You might adopt a French Bulldog instead of wasting money purchasing a French Bulldog puppy from an untrusted source.
  • You can search for a French bulldog dog near me that is ready for adoption. You will see a host of French bulldog adoption centers that are nearby.

Therefore, French Bulldog puppies for sale near me are not the best option to consider while getting your little Frenchie.

How Can I Adopt a French Bulldog Puppy?

Adopting a French Bulldog dog near me generally is an excellent, cost-effective way to get a French Bulldog puppy. 

  • To find a French Bulldog dog near me ready for adoption, find a trustworthy close by adoption shelter by searching; find a French Bulldog dog near me that's ready for adoption at a reasonable price. 
  • Then, your new pet can come home with you immediately following the adoption process.
  • However, you may need a thorough registration process to adopt a French Bulldog puppy successfully. 

Also, if you adopt a French Bulldog dog, you are spending less, and you're sure to find a French Bulldog puppy of the standard breed.

Is It Okay to Get a French Bulldog Puppy as A First-Time Dog Owner?

If you're doubting if it will be nice purchasing a French Bulldog puppy as a newbie owner, we are going to let you know that you're safe to buy a French Bulldog puppy without a doubt. 

  • This breed is friendly, social, and intelligent. Raising a French Bulldog comes with minimal effort. They are a good breed to learn as a dog owner. Buy a French Bulldog dog if you're a first timer; they are easier to handle.

Can I Buy a Hairless French Bulldog?

Even though the hairless French Bulldog is in circulation in the UK, they are not acceptable according to the breed standard. 

Also, the British Veterinary Association tagged it as extreme breeding behavior. Also, you need to understand that the hairless French Bulldog breeders have manipulated some desirable traits to their advantage.

Therefore, if you want to buy a French Bulldog puppy with good qualities, avoid hairless French Bulldogs.

How Strong Do French Bulldog Bites?

French Bulldogs are not strong biters. 

  • They rarely bark or bite, and even when they do, it is less harmful. So, French bulldogs pose less harm to you, your family, or your family friends. 
  • Purchasing a French Bulldog puppy might be the ideal go-to, especially if you have playful kids.

Can French Bulldogs Thrive in Both Hot and Cold Environmental Conditions?

The French Bulldog has short hair coats, which makes them suitable for hot weather conditions. However, if you're buying French Bulldog puppies for sale, ensure the temperature is optimum. 

  • An extremely cold environment is detrimental to the health of the Frenchie because of their short hair coat. In addition, it predisposes them to respiratory distress.

How Do You Keep a French Bulldog Healthy and Happy?

Like other breeds of dogs, your French Bulldog likes to be cared for as they are social breeds. Therefore, they demand routine management practices such as:

  • Just enough space for exercise. While your Frenchie doesn't need too much exercise, you still need to provide them with playing ground, routine dog work, and pet toys. However, you must keep them away from the swimming pool as they are bad swimmers. When you buy a French Bulldog dog, consider getting some toys as well to keep them engaged.
  • Keep the hair coat clean. Grooming your Frenchie should be something other than a herculean task because of their short hair coat. Just slight brushing twice a week is enough. You will always find a French Bulldog puppy attractive when they are well groomed.
  • Keep the ear and teeth clean. Daily cleaning of the ear and teeth helps remove debris and leftover feeds that can invite infections in your puppy. Therefore, the cost of getting and feeding your French Bulldog puppies for sale is enough, don't add extra cost due to unhygienic behavior.
  • Clip their nails. Frenchie puppies play a lot; since they will be around your children, keeping the nails short is necessary. When you buy a French Bulldog dog, you should also get a clipper.
  • Feed ad libitum. Your Frog Dog puppy must have access to feed throughout the day. However, avoid giving too much at once. Instead, give small quantities at intervals to ensure good feed conversion.

Treaties are good occasionally. Snacks should be part of your feeding plans, but ensure you're not giving too much to avoid obesity.

Just How Frequently Should I Be Feeding My French Bulldog?

Generally, it is advisable to provide feed to your Bulldog on a free meal basis (access to a meal anytime they need it), especially for pups. 

  • However, the weight determines the rate of feeding your Frog Dogs. Overfeeding will predispose your dog to be overweight, while underfeeding causes malnutrition. You must strike a balance!

How often do my French Bulldog puppies need medications?

While your Frenchie will need some medical care, it should not bother you much if you are getting your French Bulldog from puppies for sale. Endeavor to buy a French Bulldog puppy from a reputable source, as they will provide you with the necessary materials.

  • We will provide you with the vaccination and other necessary medication plans. With that, you won't have a problem seeing your veterinarian at the stipulated time.

How Do I Introduce My French Bulldog to My Kids?

Strategically Introducing a newly acquired French Bulldog to your children is important. However, even though they are friendly, keep your children from going to the dog at first introduction, especially if you adopt a French Bulldog puppy to avoid untoward actions. 

  • Kindly take the dog to your children. Stay by the dog and ask your children to portray friendly humor while gently approaching and caressing the dog.
  • You can also ask your kids to present toys/treats to the dog as a welcoming gift. Strike the connection at first sight!
  • Avoid bad-temper puppies when you want to buy a French Bulldog puppy for easier familiarity with your children.

How Do I Introduce My French Bulldog to Other Dogs?

The French Bulldog puppies for sale you acquired are intelligent and composed. However, as a newcomer, they might be frightened by the presence of another dog in the family, especially if the other dog is bigger. 

  • To have a smooth introduction, walk the dog at the same time. Then, take the two dogs to an open place, unleash and watch for positive interaction between the two.

They might need days to become allies, especially if you adopt a French Bulldog puppy, as it minds find it hard to trust easily.

Is It Cruel to Keep My French Bulldog in A Cage?

No. It's in a dog's nature to use the cage. If you keep the cage out and readily available, your pet will use it whenever it needs a place to rest or escape the noise. Also, consider buying the cage when you buy a French Bulldog dog. That way, your Frenchie won't find it strange.

  • The crate should never be a punishment, and your French Bulldog shouldn't have to spend long periods confined to it. They are intended for short-term use, such as a night out to dinner.

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