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What are the breed's personality characteristics before I look for Maltese puppies for sale?

The Maltese is described as playful, charming, gentle, adaptable, affectionate, fearless, and intelligent. They are known as “natural hams with a lively personality.”

When I find a Maltese puppy, will it grow into a large dog?

No. The American Kennel Club categorizes the Maltese in the toy group. The height of the Maltese is 7 to 9 inches, and they weigh under 7 pounds. Their life expectancy is 12 to 15 years.

I want to get a Maltese puppy or buy a Maltese dog. Does the AKC recognize the breed?

Yes. The AKC has recognized the Maltese breed since 1888. In 2021, Maltese was ranked as the 39th most popular dog breed in the United States.

I want to buy a Maltese puppy. Will they do well in dog sports?

Yes. Maltese puppies for sale are known to be an agile, intelligent, and highly trainable breed; they are an excellent choice for competitive dog sports, such as agility, tracking, rally, and obedience.

Is the Maltese a good choice if I want a lap dog?

Yes, the Maltese is an excellent choice if you are looking for a lap dog. While they are lively dogs and very affectionate with their human family. They are happiest when they are near their family. They can be active, but they also have their quiet moods when they happily enjoy time as a lazy person with you.

If I buy a Maltese dog, do I need a large home and yard?

No. This dog adapts well to apartment living as one of the smallest toy breeds. Whether you adopt a Maltese puppy or a Maltese dog, you can be sure it will adapt to your large or small home with or without a yard.

To adopt a Maltese puppy, do I have to be an experienced dog owner?

No. Although it is said that the Maltese are stubborn, they respond very well to positive reinforcement, including praise, play, and treats. The Maltese are also reasonably easy to train because they love to please their human family. As a result, they also tend to learn tricks quickly. When you buy a Maltese puppy, it is good to know that they are highly trainable. 

What about socializing a Maltese dog or puppy?

It is always best to begin socializing as soon as possible, preferably during puppyhood. As an active and alert breed, the Maltese will adapt well to almost any environment where they can experience new sights, sounds, and people.

Does the breed have other names I should know about when purchasing a Maltese puppy?

Today the breed is known as the Maltese. Still, throughout history, many names have been used for the breed, including “Melitae Dog,” “Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta,” “Roman Ladies Dog,” “The Comforter,” “Spaniel Gentle,” and “Bichon.”

When I look for Maltese puppies for sale, will I find dogs with various coat colors?

In the past, you could find a Maltese puppy in various colors, but today you will only find them in white. Their long coats that reach the ground are silky and straight. Because their coats are long and silky, they require more time grooming than other breeds. They are prone to matting, so they should be brushed and combed gently daily. Even if you keep your Maltese coat short, it should still be brushed daily to prevent matting and keep it clean. They also need regular bathing.   

I’m an allergy sufferer. Can I buy a Maltese dog that is hypoallergenic?

The Maltese are said to be hypoallergenic. Because they do not have an undercoat, they do not shed much.

When I find a Maltese puppy, will I get a healthy dog?

Yes. The breed is generally healthy.

When I find Maltese puppies for sale, do they require much exercise?

While the Maltese enjoy regular walks and playing outside, they are active indoors and do not need much exercise to keep them fit. They are active little dogs, but occasional exercise with walking, playing in a yard, or playing indoors is enough to keep them healthy and happy.

When thinking to adopt a Maltese puppy, it is also good to know that the breed does not tolerate extreme cold or heat.  

What should I feed it when I buy a Maltese puppy?

Always feed your dog high-quality dry or wet food appropriate for its activity level and life stage. A ¼ to ½ cup of dry food divided into two meals is recommended. 

Is it a good idea to buy a Maltese dog when I have young children?

Because of their small size, they are prone to injury. The Maltese are better suited in a home with older children or only adults.

Before I find a Maltese puppy, can you tell me where the breed comes from?

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the breed comes from, but we know that the Maltese were popular in some of the most ancient cultures, including the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures. Evidence of the breed exists back to 3500 BC. We know that the breed was popular in these ancient cultures because the Greeks built tombs for their Maltese dogs; there are depictions of dogs appearing Maltese in Egyptian artifacts; and Aristotle also mentioned that the breed is “perfectly proportioned.”

The most popular origin story for the Maltese is that they were taken to Malta by the Phoenicians and spread throughout Europe. Some people believe the breed originated on Malta island in the Mediterranean. Regardless of where the breed originated, it has been popular throughout history, especially among aristocracy and nobility. In the 15th century, they were popular with French aristocrats. They arrived in the British Isles during the reign of Henry VIII, where they again quickly became popular with noble and royal ladies. Several royals owned Maltese dogs, including Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, and Queen Victoria. The breed was also included in portraits of beautiful women by famous artists like Goya.

The breed we know today was developed by English breeders. The Maltese arrived in the United States in the 1800s. In the United States, the first Maltese exhibited at the Westminster Dog Show occurred in 1877, and it was listed as a “Maltese lion dog.” Since then, they have become one of the most popular toy breeds.

I want to get a Maltese puppy or find a Maltese dog near me. Are there any myths surrounding the breed?

A myth that started with the Egyptians and continued in Europe was that the Maltese could cure diseases. They became known as “The Comforter” because a Maltese dog was placed on the pillow of a sick person to heal their disease or illness.

I’m thinking about purchasing a Maltese puppy. What should I know about socializing my dog?

When purchasing a Maltese puppy, it is always a good idea to begin the socialization process while your dog is a puppy. Plan to expose your dog to different stimuli, like locations, sights, and sounds, so they become well-adjusted dogs. The Maltese can also get along well with other dogs and cats, provided socialization occurs when they are young.

If I adopt a Maltese puppy, what else do I need to know about taking care of it?

It is essential to know that you should check your Maltese’s floppy ears, keeping them clean to prevent infection. Since this breed does not need much outside exercise, it is also essential to trim its nails regularly. Brushing its teeth will also prevent expensive dental bills since small dogs are more prone to dental problems than larger breeds. Keeping the hair around your dog’s face clean is also a good idea to prevent tear staining, which is most apparent on white dogs. Regular and consistent care will keep your dog healthy when you get a Maltese puppy.

When I find Maltese puppies for sale, will I immediately fall in love with the breed?

It would be difficult not to fall in love immediately when you find a Maltese puppy. It is difficult to resist the charming and affectionate personality of this breed. In addition to their charm, you cannot help but fall in love with those beautiful puppies. If you adopt a Maltese dog, you may not be able to resist that luxurious, silky coat that falls elegantly almost to the floor. You cannot resist the adorable tail as it gracefully arches over the dog’s back. Now let’s talk about that adorable face. You simply cannot resist the cute, black button noses. And the dark round eyes with a black rim add to the regal and beautiful appearance of the breed.

I may not be able to resist the breed’s appearance, but if I buy a Maltese puppy or buy a Maltese dog, will I be able to resist spoiling it?

It is tough to resist spoiling them when you find Maltese puppies for sale because the breed has a reputation for always finding a way to get what it wants from its human family. Even the firmest dog owners will find it difficult to resist spoiling their puppy.

I’m looking for Maltese puppies for sale near me. Will it be an excellent addition to my family?

Known as a “charming ham,” the Maltese becomes a very affectionate lap dog. Their eagerness to please their family will make them even more irresistible.

Are they too cute to be good watchdogs?

Maltese dog breeders will be the first to tell you that Maltese’s constant alertness makes them an excellent watchdog to alert you to anything strange. With proper socialization and training, you can avoid their tendency to be overprotective of their human family and prevent excessive barking.

Before I find a Maltese dog near me, are there any fun facts you can tell me?

Yes. While they usually have a black nose, the nose color can change to pink. Some dogs’ noses turn pink as they age. Also, not enough or too much sunlight can cause the nose to turn pink. Turning pink because of the lack of sunlight is known as a “snow nose” or “winter nose.”

As I look for a Maltese puppy for sale, are there any famous Maltese dogs?

Trouble, the Maltese that belonged to Leona Helmsley is probably the most famous and richest Maltese. Leona Helmsley left him a 12-million-dollar trust fund. After passing away, she also left 3 million dollars to provide for its care. However, a judge overturned this amount giving him only 2 million dollars. She arranged for Trouble to be buried with her and her husband in a mausoleum when he died. 

Are there any celebrities that own Maltese dogs?

When you buy a Maltese puppy or buy a Maltese dog, you will find that the breed is popular with celebrities. Some well-known celebrities who own Maltese dogs are Halle Berry, Heather Locklear, Torrie Wilson, Eva Longoria, and Lindsay Lohan.

I am already in love with the Maltese; where can I find Maltese puppies for sale near me or find a Maltese dog near me?

The best place for purchasing a Maltese puppy or to buy a Maltese dog is

When I find Maltese puppies for sale, how much does a Maltese puppy cost?

The best place to go when searching for Maltese puppies near me is

When looking for Maltese puppies for sale, how can I know I can trust Maltese dog breeders?

When you buy a Maltese puppy from 954puppies, you can trust that they only acquire healthy, happy, and beautiful puppies from the most reputable breeders.

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