Mini Dachshund Puppies For Sale

Mini Dachshund Puppies For Sale

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Mini Dachshund Puppies For Sale

The miniature dachshund, a small hound breed from Germany, boasts short, wirehaired, or longhaired coats and a distinctive long, low body. They are the smaller version of the dachshund breed, with standard dachshunds being larger. Mini dachshunds weigh around 11 pounds or less, compared to the 16 to 32 pounds of standard dachshunds. These dogs are known for their spunky and playful nature and make excellent alert watchdogs.

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Who can resist those long bodies, short legs, and expressive eyes? Of course, no one. Interesting Mini Dachshunds, small dogs with big personalities, are the perfect addition to any family. Affectionately known as “wiener dogs,” these puppies are adored for their unique appearance and lively personalities.

Mini Dachshunds are not only cute but also well-liked for their loyalty, intelligence, and fun-loving nature. Plus, you might be surprised to learn that these little dogs are known for their bravery and determination. These qualities have made them beloved companions for centuries.

If you’re looking for a smaller lap dog, the Mini Dachshund is perfect for you. In this blog, we will explore the history of Mini Dachshunds and their unique characteristics, including the various types within the breed. We will also provide the best pet store to welcome mini Dachshunds for sale into your home.

Mini Dachshund Breed Overview

The term ‘Mini’ in Mini Dachshunds might confuse individuals - ‘they belong to a toy group of dog breeds.’ But this is not so; these little dogs are the result of careful breeding. Mini Dachshunds belong to the Hound group and are popular for their unmatched appearance and delightful personalities.

Short, stubby legs, deep chest, long, narrow nose, and long back are some of their distinctive physical characteristics. The size of these pint-sized puppies lies near about 11 pounds, and they are 5 to 6 inches tall. Also, the lifespan of these playful and quite vocal breeds is about 12 to 16 years.

History and Origin of the Mini Dachshund Dog Breed

Mini Dachshunds have a fascinating history that traces back to Germany. Some people have also given these breeds the name “world’s oldest dog.” The breed’s name comes from the German words “Dachs,” meaning badger, and “hund,” meaning dog. These breeds originated in the 16th century to hunt badgers and other burrowing animals.

But later, in 1800, German hunters realized that a smaller Dachshund breed was required to hunt rabbits that burrowed in more confined locations. Thus, a selective breeding method started, combining shorter Standard Dachshunds with little features. This led to the development of the miniature-sized Dachshund.

Dachshund breeding became more popular as pets rather than hunting dogs, particularly in Great Britain. Their trend and size made them popular among European royal courts, including Queen Victoria. By 1885, eleven Dachshunds were registered with the American Kennel Club.

In today’s world, Dachshunds are still really popular pets. People love them for their cute looks, fun-loving nature, and loyalty. They are important members of many families and spread joy and happiness everywhere they go. However, to get quality Mini Dachshund puppies for sale, you should purchase them from a reputable pet shop.

Characteristics and Traits of Mini Dachshund

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Mini Dachshund Size

The long bodies and short legs make these puppies different from others. Mini Dachshunds are primarily found in a weight range of 11 to 15 pounds. Despite their small size, they act longer, which adds to their charm.

Also being small in size, they require a good amount of activity and love to be playful. Thus, they definitely prove that good things come in small packages. A Mini Dachshund will be your perfect option if you want a dog small enough to cuddle on your lap.

Mini Dachshund Coat

When it comes to coats, Mini Dachshunds offer a variety of fur styles to suit every taste. Smooth, longhaired, wirehaired—all varieties of Mini Dachshunds are found in the market. Also, their coats contain natural oil, which keeps them odor-free and clean.

These adorable little pups offer a variety of color options to suit every taste. From classic shades like red, chocolate, or black and tan to more unique hues, Mini Dachshunds come in a rainbow of colors. They also come in a range of patterns, from the striking merle to the bold brindle and the charming piebald.

Personality and Temperament

Mini Dachshunds come packed with personality and charm, along with cute faces. They have no boundaries when we talk about their playful spirit. Their boundless energy always keeps them up for a good time.

Being a lovely companion, they share a strong bond with their owners. Despite being small in size, they are known for their fearless spirit and curious nature. They keep on exploring their surroundings and investigating new sights and smells. Care Requirements

Proper puppy grooming and care are essential to keeping Mini Dachshunds looking and feeling their best. Their ears are prone to infection, so they need to be cleaned and dried regularly. Also, maintaining good dental hygiene is a must to keep dental problems at bay.

The coats of Mini Dachshund puppies for sale also need to be groomed to prevent them from mating. Nails of puppies should be trimmed regularly to keep them clean and healthy. Also, occasional bathing helps keep them shiny and clean.

Dietary Needs

Are you wondering what these cute little puppies like to eat? Well, Mini Dachshunds require a balanced and nutritious diet tailored to their miniature size and activity level. Additionally, these puppies are prone to obesity, so consideration should be given to portion size.

Adult Dachshunds need two meals a day, whereas puppies need frequent feeding—three to four meals throughout the day. Freshwater should be easily accessible to them every time. Foods with high fat content and cooked bones are not suitable for these puppies.

Mini Dachshund Training

Mini Dachshunds are independent players and stubborn, which sometimes makes training a bit challenging. To train them, you need to understand their unique temperament and try different approaches with persistence, patience, and a positive outlook. They only respond to positive and reward-based training. If any harsh command or punishment is used, then it will result in negativity and cause them to become resistant. Also, if they are busy with their prey, then they will not pay attention to your words.

Amazing Variations Found in Mini Dachshunds

Three Different Sizes of Dachshund

Mini Dachshunds are known for their charming and unique personalities. They come in different captivating variations. Dog lovers have a variety of options due to their availability in distinctive sizes. These high-energy breeds are available in three main sizes, each with its own unique characteristics.

AKC Dachshund Classification

The American Kennel Club recognizes Dachshunds in two sizes: standard and miniature. This classification does not count the height or length of these dogs. It’s completely based on the weight of dachshunds at one year of age.

The weight of the standard Dachshund is considered to be between 16 and 32 pounds. Additionally, for miniature Dachshunds, a weight of 11 pounds and an age of 12 months are recommended. The AKC also determines the exact appearance of particular Dachshund body parts.

UKC Dachshund Classification

Dachshunds are divided into two main size groups by the United Kennel Club (UKC): standard and miniature. The standard Dachshund weighs over 11 pounds and goes up to 25 pounds. The characteristics of these dogs are that they are robust and large breeds. Dachshunds of less than 11 pounds come under miniature by UKC, among which 10 pounds is considered the ideal weight. Being small in size, these dogs maintain the same energy and affectionate nature. You can also see them at various UKC events.

Fédération Cynologique Dachshund Classification

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) governs dog breeds on an international level. It also divides Dachshunds into two categories, namely Standard (Normal Gross Teckel) and Miniature. The size range of standards is considered between 16 and 32 pounds.

On the other hand, miniature dachshunds should weigh no more than eleven pounds. Also, miniatures are further divided into two size classes at 15 months of age. They are termed the dwarf dachshund (Zwergteckel) and the rabbit dachshund (kaninchen).

Three Different Types of Dachshund Coats

Dachshunds are well known for their distinctive coat types, and each of them brings its own unique charm and care requirements. There is a Dachshund coat type to suit every choice, whether you like a sleek, flowing, or rugged look. However, you will find their coats divided into three categories: smooth-haired, wirehaired, and longhaired.

Smooth-Haired Dachshund

This coat type is the easiest to maintain and requires minimal grooming. You will find dense, sleek, and shiny coats near their bodies. Furthermore, most dachshunds in the United States have smooth coats.

They are described as having “leathery looking” ears, among other unique qualities. You will find long hair on their bellies as compared to other body parts. This coat type is perfect for owners who prefer a dog with a polished, low-shed appearance.

Longhaired Dachshund

Dachshunds appear unique and elegant in longhaired coats. Their fur is soft and silky, often with feathers on the ears, chest, and legs. Also, these coats protect them from the outside elements. The longhaired coat type requires more grooming to prevent mats and tangles.

Regular brushing your puppy with a slicker brush or comb helps keep coats manageable and clean. Yes, longhaired Dachshunds stand out from the crowd with their glamorous coats, but they also demand proper attention from their owners.

Wirehaired Dachshund

If you like a coarse, dense coat with a distinctive, rugged texture, then you can go with a wirehaired dachshund. Dachshunds for sale are distinguished from other variations by their humorous mustaches and low-shedding wiry coats. Their facial hair makes them appear cuter and helps with easy recognition. A wirehaired dachshund requires grooming once a week. You need to offer regular brushing and hand-stripping to maintain the texture and remove the dead hair of wirehaired dachshunds. Requires grooming once a week

Where to Buy Dachshund Puppies for Sale?

Finding the perfect Dachshund for sale involves choosing a reputable pet shop. Buying from a reputed shop ensures you bring home a healthy and happy furry family member. You should also seek out reputable breeders who adhere to high standards for health, socialization and temperament.

Look for breeders who are recommended by breed clubs or kennel clubs. You can also check out Dachshund puppies for sale near me online to get some suggestions. Forever Love Puppies is the place where you can get high-quality mini Dachshund puppies for sale near you.

Our Mini Dachshund puppies are raised with love and care, ensuring they are healthy, happy, and ready to become a cherished part of your family. At Forever Love Puppies, we are dedicated to matching you with the perfect furry friend, offering support and guidance throughout the entire process.

The Bottom Line

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Miniature Dachshunds, with their small size and unique traits, win the hearts of everyone. Also, their friendly nature and loyalty make them perfect companions. Their availability in tons of colors and coats gives dog lovers ample choice to make their selection.

If you are also planning to buy these adorable puppies for your home, get in touch with Forever Love Puppies. We aim to make finding your perfect Dachshund puppy a joyful and exciting experience. Trust Forever Love Puppies to help you find a healthy, happy, and well-socialized Dachshund for sale near me.

Visit our puppy store’s official website or contact us today to learn more about our available puppies and begin finding your new furry best friend.