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The Papillon is a small, friendly, elegant toy dog with a fine boned structure. He is light and dainty, yet still lively, and is distinguished from other breeds by his beautiful, butterfly-like ears. They are known to be happy and alert little dogs that are not shy or aggressive. The breed must be either parti-color or white with patches of any color.

History of Papillon's Puppies for Sale

Papillons, which used to only have large, drooping ears, were known in the 16th and 17th centuries as Dwarf Spaniels and were often depicted on the laps of French and Spanish noblewomen. Over time, an erect-eared type, fringed as to resemble the ears of a butterfly, developed (Papillon means "butterfly" in French). In the United States, Papillons (erect-eared) and Phalenes (drop-eared) can be born in the same litter and are shown together as one breed.

Papillon Puppies for Sale Temperment

Papillons are a happy breed whether living in an apartment, out in the country or anywhere in between. They love to play outdoors, but they can be easily entertained and exercised indoors as well. Because they dont have an undercoat, they dont require a lot of grooming but should still be brushed regularly.

Where will the Papillon Dog to buy feel best?

Apartment is ok
Very active indoors

Grooming an Papillon Dog for sale

Daily brushing and combing
Average shedding

Exercising an Papillon Dog to Buy

Daily light exercise

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