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Rat Terrier

Before I buy a Rat Terrier puppy, can you give me some basic information about the breed?

The Ratt Terrier is a small and sturdy breed. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), they come in two sizes: miniature, 10 to 13 inches tall, and standard, 13 to 18 inches tall. When you adopt a Rat Terrier dog, you should know that it can weigh between 10 and 25 pounds and has a life expectancy of 12 to 18 years. However, you can also find Rat Terrier puppies for sale that are toy sized.

When I find a Rat Terrier dog near me, who is toy-sized, what can I expect for height and weight?

An adult toy-sized Rat Terrier is eight inches tall and weighs four to six pounds.

I want to get a Rat Terrier puppy, but what are its personality characteristics?

Rat Terriers are "friendly, inquisitive, lovable, feisty, funny, energetic, fearless, tenacious, and lively."

When I buy a Rat Terrier dog, what physical characteristics should I look for?

When I find a Rat Terrier dog near me,  look for Rat Terriers who are muscular little dogs with “deep chests, strong shoulders, solid necks, and powerful legs.” The body is "compact but meaty." The ears are upright or tipped. The ears are erect when the Rat Terrier is alert. They can be born with short or full-length tails. While the tail has traditionally been docked, more breeders and owners now opt not to dock the tail. 

How did the Rat Terrier get its name?

It is said that the breed was named by President Theodore Roosevelt, who called his dog a Rat Terrier when it took care of the rat problem at the White House.

I'm interested in Rat Terrier puppies for sale, but is the Teddy Roosevelt story true?

It's a famous story among Rat Terrier dog breeders. Still, the name may have originated with the working-class British migrants who brought them to the United States in the 1890s to control vermin and hunt small game.

I want to find a Rat Terrier puppy; where did the breed come from?

While they may have originally been brought from the United Kingdom, the Rat Terrier is an American breed. They were commonly used as hunting companions and on farms between 1910 to 1940 to eradicate rats and other small vermin. 

When considering whether to get a Rat Terrier puppy, is the miniature a good choice for a hunting dog?

While the miniature Rat Terrier is best known as a house pet or companion dog, they are also known to be good hunting dogs.

Before I look for Rat Terrier puppies for sale, what should I know?

It is essential to know that the Rat Terrier is known as an avid digger. The breed's talent for digging and jumping, in addition to a high prey drive, leads to their drive to escape a yard or home. Therefore, they are known as the "Houdini Hound." They are also very fast runners and excellent jumpers, so catching them if they get out of the yard may prove difficult. This is important to be aware of if you plan to find a Rat Terrier puppy.

Will this breed adapt well to apartment living?

While this is a small breed, before you get a Rat Terrier puppy, you must be aware that the Rat Terrier has a bark easily recognizable from other breeds. It is known to make a "shrill yipping" noise, possibly making the dog a nuisance for neighbors. 

 This is also a very active, fast-running breed. Therefore, if you want to buy a Ratt Terrier puppy, it is essential to know that the Ratt Terrier does better in a home with a yard for exercise, and a tall fence, to avoid escaping. As an intelligent, digging, fast breed with a high prey drive, be aware that your dog may frequently try to dig its way under a fence or leap over it. 

However, some say when purchasing a Rat Terrier puppy, it is good to know that Rat Terriers can adjust to living in an apartment provided they get at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily. 

I'm looking for Rat Terrier puppies for sale. Can I easily train this breed?

While this is a very intelligent breed, they are also known to be very stubborn. Their intelligence makes them highly trainable. They would be best matched with an owner or adopter who is experienced and patient. They are eager to please their owner and respond well to positive reinforcement. Because they are known to be stubborn, there may be better breed choices for the novice dog owner who wants to buy a Rat Terrier puppy. 

Socialization should begin while your dog is a puppy. To adopt a Rat Terrier puppy, be prepared to begin socializing as early as possible by exposing your Rat Terrier to various kinds of stimuli, strangers, and locations to develop a well-adjusted dog. When the Rat Terrier is not properly socialized, they can become aggressive with strangers and other animals. It's a good idea to introduce it to visitors frequently, to take him to busy parks or stores, and to meet the neighbors while casually strolling through the neighborhood as part of the socialization process.  

If I buy a Rat Terrier dog, how much exercise should it get daily?

As a high-energy dog, the Rat Terrier needs at least 40 minutes a day of vigorous exercise in activities like daily long walks, a good jog, and games of fetch. Rat Terriers are known to become destructive when they do not get enough daily exercise. They also need mental stimulation to keep from getting bored. Keep them physically and intellectually active so they are not continuously barking, digging through the trash, or chewing on your favorite shoes is a good idea. They do great with canine sports, such as agility, rally, and obedience.   

It is best to keep this dog on a leash when outside. The breed's high prey drive compels them to chase after anything that resembles prey. Therefore, it is best to keep them on a leash, so they do not bolt after squirrels or stray cats that come around. 

For the owner who loves to swim, before you buy a Rat Terrier puppy or buy a Rat Terrier dog, it is good to know that Rat Terriers are great swimmers. They are not afraid or bashful around water.  

Before purchasing a Rat Terrier puppy, are there any famous Rat Terriers?

Yes. You can see a Rat Terrier as Shirley Temple's co-star in "The Little Colonel," made in the 1930s.

Do I need to be careful around strangers if I adopt a Rat Terrier puppy?

The Rat Terrier tends to be reluctant around strangers. It can be said that they do not like strangers, and it takes them a while to warm up to strangers. However, early socialization where they are exposed to strangers would help prevent this problem. 

Does the Rat Terrier quickly bond with its owners?

Before purchasing a Rat Terrier puppy, knowing it is an excellent companion breed is good. They are known to be intuitive and perceptive, so they can appropriately respond to your moods. They love to please their owners, crave praise from their owners, and are known to follow their owners around the house. 

Before I look for Rat Terrier puppies for sale, is this a healthy breed?

Yes. The Rat Terrier is generally a healthy breed. Before you adopt a Rat Terrier puppy or adopt a Rat Terrier dog, be sure to go to a trustworthy place like 954puppies.com to buy a Rat Terrier puppy, where they use only responsible Rat terrier dog breeders.

What should I feed my Rat Terrier dog?

It is always a good idea to feed your puppy or dog high-quality dry or wet food appropriate for its life stage, including puppy, adult, or senior diets. 

What should I know about grooming before I buy a Rat Terrier dog?

Rat Terriers' coats are smooth and short but shiny and dense. Rat Terrier coat colors come in several different colors or combinations of colors. Colors include white, black, tan, and rust or a combination of white and black or tan, and red. Intermittent spots, which is known as ticking with dark colors, is also known to occur.

When you get a Rat Terrier puppy, it is good to know their grooming needs are low maintenance. With a soft brush or hound glove, you can brush them weekly, and bathe as needed. They tend to shed more in the spring and fall. Getting your puppy accustomed to teeth brushing two or three times a week is also a good idea to avoid costly trips to the doggy dentist. Their nails should be trimmed once or twice a month, depending on how much your dog wears down its nails naturally. It is also a good idea to clean your Rat Terrier's ears weekly to remove any debris or excess wax. 

Before I get a Rat Terrier puppy, how will they get along with my children and/or other pets?

It is good to know that Rat Terriers tend to be very patient with children. They are especially great when raised with children since they were puppies. While Rat Terriers who are not accustomed to being around children should be supervised, Rat Terriers also tend to be patient with children who are not part of their family. They usually become very attached to the children in their families. 

Before you search for Rat Terrier puppies for sale, it is good to know that the Rat Terrier generally gets along well with other family dogs. They may occasionally spat about food or sleeping arrangements with other family dogs. Still, they are not usually aggressive toward other dogs in the household. Rat Terriers generally get along with other family pets, such as cats, birds, and chickens, when they are raised together. However, small animals, such as hamsters, mice, and rats, maybe chased as prey.

I'm thinking to adopt a Rat Terrier puppy. Are they good watchdogs?

Yes. Because they are vigilant and aware, they make excellent watchdogs. 

Can I find a Rat Terrier puppy to use as a service dog?

Yes. Because they are intelligent and easily trained, Rat Terriers are not only popular as family pets. They are also growing in popularity to function as working dogs in various fields. As a small breed who is affectionate and calm, they are rapidly becoming more popular as service dogs for treating depression, in hospice, assisted living, and other jobs where they help with the care of humans.

Where else can I find a Rat Terrier puppy working?

As an intelligent breed, they are also becoming popular in assisting with the police as contraband search dogs. Training can take as little as three weeks because of their high intelligence level, a much shorter training time for most other service breeds used by the police. Their small size also facilitates searches of cars, homes, prison cells, and small areas where larger breeds are more likely to cause damage.  

I want a Rat Terrier puppy. How much does a Rat Terrier cost?

The best way to find Rat Terrier puppies for sale is to go to 954puppies.com, where you can get information about the cost and everything else you want to know to buy a Rat Terrier puppy or buy a Rat Terrier dog. 

I'm sold. Where can I find Rat Terrier puppies for sale near me?

The best place to go for purchasing a Rat Terrier puppy or to find a Rat Terrier dog near me is 954puppies.com.

Where can I find Rat Terrier puppies for sale and Rat Terrier puppies for sale near me?

The best place to buy a Rat Terrier puppy or buy a Rat Terrier dog is 954puppies.com, where you will find the best prices, the best selection, and the healthiest dogs and puppies.

When I go to 954puppies.com for Rat Terrier puppies for sale near me, what will I find?

You will find the best selection, most reasonable prices, and friendly staff.

Are there any fun facts you can tell me before I find a Rat Terrier puppy?

Yes. One fun fact about the breed is that it is born with its ears pointed up. When their eyes start to open, their ears usually begin dropping. For some Rat Terriers, the ears may pop up again in a few weeks or months, but other Rat Terriers' ears remain dropped. 

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