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What is a Shorkie? Should I buy a shorkie dog?

A Shorkie, alternately known as a shorkie Tzu, is a dog breed. The Shorkie puppies for sale near me are mix between the Yorkshire terrier and Shih Tzu. Shorkies are known for being energetic fluffballs that are both dependable and zestful. They first came to the United States in the early 2000s when the idea of breeding a low-shedding, frolicking, and small-sized bog was brewing in people’s minds. The generic dog-loving population, along with the breeders of the time, was on the lookout for a hybrid dog that was affectionate and loyal like Shih Tzu but feisty and spunky like the Yorkshire terrier. Currently, no breed standard exists for Shorkie puppies for sale, as they are technically mixed-bred puppies. Thus, it can be challenging to predict which parent breed they will take vis-à-vis appearance and temperature. However, a full-grown healthy Shorkie dog will have a happy balance of breed traits. In addition, consulting with the best Shorkie dog breeders can help you get an idea.

Are Shorkies great watchdogs?

Apart from their adorable appearance, loving personality, and miniature stature, full-grown shorkies also make excellent watchdogs for small dwellings and apartments. If you want to adopt a Shorkie puppy, brace yourself for a cuddly and clingy animal friend, as Shorkies are known for being highly reliant on humans. These tiny furballs can be sappy, needy, and haughty without even realizing it. However, such a ‘diva attitude’ is what makes Shorkie puppies for sale stand out from the crowd. When they are not up to mischief to remain busy, Shorkies love to curl up on their human parent’s lap and cuddle. Thus, if you want to get a Shorkie puppy, you are in for a good time, as these tiny little goofballs can melt the hearts of even the most astute individuals.

I want to get a shorkie puppy, but what is its personality and temperament?

The personality of shorkie puppies for sale is unlike anything else. They are a toy-sized puppy breed known for being spunky, feisty, and full of energy. On the contrary, shorkies are also incredibly loving, affectionate, and loyal. They love to be by their owner’s side, sit on their lap, and cuddle for hours. The catch with shorkie puppies for sale near me is that they do not know they are small. Usually, shorkies get along well with the whole family, but they form the tightest bond with one person in the household, who is usually their primary caretaker. If you want to adopt a shorkie puppy, then be prepared to always have a ‘partner in crime’ by your side, as shorkies are known to stick to their favorite person like bees are to honey.

What should I consider while buying a Shorkie?

If you want to buy a Shorkie puppy, remember that it is a crossbreed of the Yorkshire terrier and the Shih Tzu. Thus, despite being spunky and enthusiastic, shorkies are highly intelligent and loyal, a trait they get from the Yorkshire terrier’s side. Furthermore, their terrier tendencies also include a high prey drive, which causes them to chase small and big animals and sometimes indulge in digging. In addition, it is noteworthy to mention that one of Shorkie’s parents – the Shih Tzu – is a heritage watchdog, a trait that has transferred into the ‘designer’ shorkies manifests as a fondness for barking. Lastly, both parents of the Shorkie are willful and strong headed, which can make training, including house training, quite tricky. However, the sooner the training begins, the better it is for both the puppy and the owners. 

Furthermore, if you want to adopt a shorkie puppy, remember to shower it with attention and affection. Shorkies are needly and susceptible to separation anxiety. Therefore, they may display destructive behavior when left alone. You will have the best results in acquainting your shorkie puppy to being left alone if you start early, preferably when they are tiny. Thus, shorkie puppies for sale are the best if you want a cuddly companion who bombards you with affection, warmth, and love. Likewise, you must be willing and prepared to give your shorkie puppy an equal amount of attention in return. As such, the keywords that define the personality of shorkie puppies for sale near me are – spunk, loyal, clingy, adorable, and loving.

I want to buy shorkie puppy, but what are its physical features and attributes?

Before you find a shorkie puppy, keep in mind the following physical features –

●        Weight range – 5 to 15 pounds

●        Height – 6 to 14 inches

●        Features – Small and sturdy with a rounded skull; short snout; a high and thin tail; small and triangular ears set high on the sides of the head; short and fine-boned legs; and ample muscling on its tiny body. 

●        Exercise Needs – 30 minutes per day.

●        Life Expectancy – 11 to 16 years

●        Energy Level – High

●        Tendency to Bark – High

●        Tendency to Drool – Low

●        Tendency to Snore – Moderate

●        Tendency to Dig – Moderate

●        Attention Needs – high.

Furthermore, if you want to know how much a Shorkie cost does, consulting a reliable Shorkie dog breeder might help.

I want to adopt a shorkie puppy, but how easy is it to train them?

Shorkie puppies for sale tend to be quite stubborn and can be difficult to train. If you are interested in adopting a shorkie, remember that house training can take quite some time and drain you both physically and mentally. Thus, crate training is the ideal trajectory for most shorkie puppies for sale. You should arrange a decently sized cage or ‘crate’ for crate training and place a cozy bed and the shorkie puppy’s favorite toys inside. Thus, the puppy has a secure space of its own that it will be hesitant to the soil. In addition, after you buy a Shorkie puppy, remember that sleeping in the crate overnight significantly boosts the house-training process. 

Furthermore, socialization training is also pertinent for shorkie puppies for sale. As one of the shorkie’s parents – the Shih Tzu – is a heritage watchdog that is naturally wary and selective of strangers, shorkies can also display undesirable and ‘anti-social’ behaviors if not properly trained. Thus, if you are contemplating purchasing a shorkie puppy, ensure that it has ample opportunities to mingle with other humans, sociable puppies, and patient adult dogs. Such interactions will ensure your shorkie puppy matures into a well-balanced, extroverted adult dog.

Lastly, when it comes to training a shorkie, remember that the ideal approach is positive reinforcement and reward. When your shorkie is doing what you want to do, reward it with food, a toy, or a simple venerable phrase. Likewise, after you buy a Shorkie dog, clicker training can also be an excellent tool for its stubborn demeanor. In case you did not know, a clicker is a tiny device that makes a loud sound when pressed. Thus, the general notion is to click on the ‘clicker’ when you see the shorkie doing what you want it to and then quickly provide a reward. The clicker training tactics are premised on operant condition, as the shorkie associated the click and the noise with positive compensation. Furthermore, housebreaking can be a problem with shorkie puppies for sale. Make sure you have a consistent routine: let them out after each meal (especially before breakfast and after dinner at night) and praise them done ‘potty’ outside.

I want to buy a shorkie dog, but what is its grooming requirements?

Before purchasing a shorkie puppy, you must know that shorkies have soft and relatively long coats. The coat of a shorkie should always be silky and never coarse. As shorkies are low-shedding dogs, they might be hypoallergenic; however, it is not assured. Therefore, it is vital to have them groomed regularly. After you buy a Shorkie puppy, remember to brush their coat regularly, as without timely and adequate brushing, the coat can be tangled, snarled, and mattified. Most shorkie owners have their dogs professionally groomed and trimmed every six weeks. Thus, it is always a good idea to keep your shorkie in tip-top shape. Moreover, after you buy a Shorkie puppy, it is imperative to give it a bath once every other month or when the dog looks dirty or begins to smell. 

What are popular Shorkie hairstyles?

When we talk about popular shorkie hairstyles, owners regularly get their puppies clipped into a ‘teddy bear’ clip, wherein the body’s fur is kept soft to reduce knots and matting. However, the face is trimmed into a round shape to keep the shorkie’s adorable and cute looks intact. Moreover, if you want to adopt a shorkie puppy, ensure that you clean their eyes and ears regularly and take the time to brush their teeth. Routine dental care is an essential responsibility if you are purchasing a shorkie puppy, as they are prone to rapid plaque and tartar build-up, resulting in tooth loss. 

Lastly, remember that socialization training is pertinent and pressing for the grooming requirements of Shorkie puppies for sale. A well-trained and sociable shorkie will react amicably to bathing, brushing, and professional grooming. 

I am contemplating purchasing a shorkie, but how smart are they?

Yes, shorkies are brilliant dogs. They need to be challenged mentally through play and puzzles. However, keeping their stubborn streak aside, shorkies are quick-witted dog breeds that catch on to training quite well. They are known to pick up on everything you try to teach them quickly. In addition, shorkies are agile, energetic, and spunky. Thus, after you find a shorkie puppy, be prepared to quench its inquisitive personality; otherwise, it might become bored and develop behavioral issues.

Can Shorkies learn new tricks easily?

It comes as a surprise that shorkies grasp new tricks exceptionally quickly. Hence, puzzles, new toys, and even obstacle courses can be a source of much delight and fun for a shorkie. Thus, when you adopt a shorkie puppy, make sure to invest in challenging toys and carve out a daily routine of some kind of fun activity, be it playtime, toys, fetch in the mark, and so forth. Mental stimulation is the key to keeping your shorkies happy, content, and hassle-free. Therefore, as a shorkie-parent, you must leverage their innate intellect through challenges, tricks, and puzzles.

What is the right diet for a shorkie puppy?

Shorkies need a well-balanced and high-quality diet of dry kibble. Moreover, the kibble should be specially formulated for small and active dogs and must be produced by trusted pet food companies. The kibble you choose for your shorkie should have a high percentage of lean meat and be fortified with vitamins and minerals. Such food will provide your puppy with the proper nutrients to live a healthy and long life. After you find a Shorkie dog near me, make sure to avoid cheap and obscure dry food, as it may be full of filler, such as unhealthy carbs and plant-based protein. Although such cheap kibble may save you money, it could deteriorate your shorkie’s well-being in the long run. Moreover, after you adopt a shorkie dog, make sure that the food you choose is age-appropriate, as puppies, adults, and senior dogs have all different dietary requirements. 

Along with high-quality dry kibble, you can also occasionally offer your shorkie puppy some cooked or canned good meals. Of course, dry food is indispensable for shorkies as they are prone to oral health and tooth decay. However, occasional cooked dog food can also be fed. But it is best to consult a veterinary specialist regarding the dietary requirements of Shorkie puppies for sale near me, as every shorkie is different. Moreover, while devising a diet chart for your shorkie, remember that it is a dog breed that is susceptible to obesity. As a tiny dog, the Shorkie is especially predisposed to weight-gain issues because it does not take much time for extra pounds to prop up. 

Are Shorkies prone to obesity?

Shorkies’ tiny frame does not handle obesity or weight gain well, as extra padding on their bellies can lead to joint issues or diabetes. Thus, never over-feed your shorkie. Stick to the manufacturer’s requirements for serving size. After you buy a Shorkie puppy, yremember to separate the daily dose of kibbe into two separate meals, as it can help reduce bloating and digestive issues that come with fast eating. Lastly, shorkies will gobble up anything kept in front of them, so it is best to spread out their kibble to ensure slow eating. 

How is it like living with a Shorkie?

The small size of the dog breed makes them great companions for smaller spaces and apartments. However, they might bark at the slightest disturbance. Shorkies are great companions for small families, couples, and those living in an apartment.

Can Shorkies handle extreme weather conditions?

Shorkies are not well-suited for extreme weather conditions. They might require a jacket during the winter season. During summers, you might consider applying a doggy sunscreen on them.

Are Shorkies great family dogs?

These dogs get along with all members of the family quite well. Kids should be given instructions on how to play with Shorkies effectively.

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